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The Taylor Swift Obsessed Couturier Defying Fashion Norms

Walace Style: From Thrift Store Finds to Runway Raves

Walace Style: designer, model, makeup artist
Photography by Simon Diaz

In the world of fashion where creativity meets craftsmanship, Walace Style emerges as a beacon of innovation and self-expression. From his beginnings on a farm, far from the bustling fashion capitals, Walace's journey to becoming a celebrated couturier and makeup artist has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Growing up in a family of artisans—his mother and four aunts all seamstresses and hairdressers—Walace found his passion for creation early. Despite societal norms, which dictated what boys should and shouldn't do, Walace's artistic spirit thrived in the quiet corners of his childhood home. "I was always the introverted one," he reminisces, "taking solace in art and photography, even if I shied away from family cameras at gatherings."

His path to Seattle, however, was serendipitous. After a challenging stint in San Francisco, where work opportunities faltered, a leap of faith brought him to the Emerald City. "I arrived with little more than determination and the kindness of friends," Walace recalls, "and soon found my niche in makeup and hairstyling, thanks to the encouragement of my 'sister from another mother,' Dany."

It was during the pandemic's isolation that Walace's multi-faceted talents truly flourished. From practicing makeup on Tinder dates to honing his hairstyling skills in a renowned salon, Walace's journey into couture was a natural evolution. "I never planned it," he admits with a laugh, "but seizing opportunities led me to create my first collection from thrift store finds."

Walace Style

Inspired by everything from Victorian drama to the ethereal beauty of nature, Walace's designs reflect a blend of history and modernity. "I draw from my surroundings," he explains, "whether it's the majestic birds in my backyard, the vivid colors of a Taylor Swift song, or the subtle elegance of a Parisian café." Walace confesses that Swift's music and journey have been a profound inspiration, revealing, "Her music resonates deeply with me; it saved my life during tough times." His creations, characterized by impeccable tailoring and a meticulous eye for detail, have garnered attention far beyond Seattle's borders.

Walace's rise hasn't been without challenges, particularly navigating the fashion industry's norms and biases. "I've learned to carve my path," he asserts, "embracing my identity and celebrating diversity through my work." His vision extends beyond the runway, aiming to empower others to embrace their uniqueness.

Looking ahead, Walace dreams of staging his own solo show, a spectacle where his designs can shine unencumbered by industry conventions. "It's about creating a space where artistry and authenticity merge," he shares, "where everyone can feel seen and celebrated."

In a world where conformity often overshadows creativity, Walace Style stands as a testament to the power of individuality and the transformative potential of art. As he continues to defy expectations and redefine couture, one thing remains clear: Walace Style is not just a designer; he's a storyteller, weaving narratives of beauty, resilience, and the joy of self-discovery.

Walace Style

Fashion, for Walace, is a language—a way to communicate emotions, stories, and aspirations through every stitch and seam. His dedication to sustainability is another cornerstone of his brand. "Fashion has a responsibility to the planet," he asserts, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing. From utilizing organic fabrics to supporting local artisans, he is committed to minimizing his environmental footprint while maximizing positive social impact.

Looking ahead, Walace is optimistic about the future of his brand. "I want to continue pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and inspiring others," he declares. With plans to expand internationally and collaborate with like-minded visionaries, he envisions a future where Walace Style becomes synonymous with innovation, luxury, and conscious consumption.

In essence, Walace Style's journey is not just about creating fashion; it's about creating a legacy—a legacy of artistry, integrity, and a profound love for craftsmanship. As he continues to evolve and innovate, one thing remains certain: his passion for fashion will continue to captivate hearts and minds around the world.

Follow Walace on Instagram (@walace_style) to witness his meteoric ascent. Nfm anticipates monumental achievements in Walace's future, with our Editor-in-Chief foreseeing a rising star akin to a young Olivier Rousteing.


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