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Empowering Black Women's Health: Love & Nudes' Revolutionary Breast Cancer Screening Bras

by Shanice Davis

Hello there, black beauties...

I came across an article that touched my heart, and I wanted to share it with you. It's about a Canadian lingerie brand called Love & Nudes, and their incredible initiative to help black women detect breast cancer early.

Did you know that black women with breast cancer have a 40% higher mortality rate than white women? That's a staggering statistic that Love & Nudes wanted to address. They recently launched a line of breast cancer screening bras called the Stage Zero Collection. These bras consist of silicone cups that simulate signs and symptoms of breast cancer in people with dark skin.

I was deeply moved by this innovative tool. By clipping the silicone cups onto a bra, wearers can familiarize themselves with what lumps and peau d'orange feel like, as well as with the appearance of discoloration on their skin tone. Early detection is vital when it comes to breast cancer, and Love & Nudes' initiative is truly remarkable.

Love & Nudes introduced its prototypes at a Scarborough store on 3 February 2023, and I'm eager to see how they will roll out this incredible initiative to other parts of Canada.

But that's not all. Love & Nudes also wants to lower Canada's screening age from 50 to 40, as black women are more likely to get breast cancer at younger ages. They started a petition that they're encouraging customers to sign, and I think that's fantastic.

I believe that brands that take concrete action to address societal issues are the ones that inspire real love and loyalty. As consumers, we're seeking out companies that address the disparities in our world and promote positive change. Love & Nudes is doing just that, and I'm truly inspired by their work.

So, how can your organization use its resources to educate people while also advocating for laws that promote positive change? Let's all take a cue from Love & Nudes and work towards creating a better world.

Take care, Shanice


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