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Green: The Diamond of the Season

by Jennah Owda

Green has not been the most fashionable color for the past couple of years. In 2016, we all had a weird obsession with the atrocious army green jackets and camouflage print, but 2021 is the year that green comes back, and this time it's classier and elegant.

The color green is the diamond of the season. The color that ranges from forest green to a light muted sage green has stolen fashion lovers' hearts and has even made its way into the home of Kendall Jenner. Her kitchen cabinets are painted a beautiful and elegant forest green that is complemented by marble countertops. The color brings a calm yet high-fashion aura to the room. The decor of her kitchen has inspired many, including myself, to welcome the elegant hue into my wardrobe and room decor.

Alongside forest green is the utmost popular color of 2021: sage green. This color is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their closet and keep up with the minimalist lifestyle. This hue comes in multiple shades that can be a bit brighter and lighter or muted and darker. The calming color has made its way into the kitchen of Dakota Johnson. Like Kendall Jenner, Dakota has decorated her cabinets in a comforting, muted sage green. Dakota’s home tour with Architectural Digest left over 20 million viewers obsessed with the color of her cabinets; the actress may have been the reason for the sudden trend of sage green.

If you have yet to encounter a great experience with the color green, this is your sign to add a bit of nature's color into your life. Whether through jewelry, clothes, or decor, you should find a green that brings you a bit of serotonin.


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