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Five Sneakers for Those on a Budget

By Jennah Owda

While a fresh pair of Jordans are irreplaceable and will forever be in style, as a college student, spending over $300 on a pair of sneakers is not ideal. However, not having the money to splurge on a fresh pair of Js does not exclude you from having a fresh pair of sneakers that won't break your bank. If you are having a hard time finding some that fit your budget, here are five must-have sneakers for under $100!

Old Skool Vans Platform “Marshmallow”

A pair of Vans should be an essential shoe in everybody’s wardrobe! These cream-colored platforms serve great for the fall and are only $60. The last thing you need during this muddy weather is an all-white shoe to stress about. With this off-white cream color, a little dirt will not mess up your shoe game.

New Balance 237 Collection

These ‘70s inspired shoes are also only $75! This shoe comes in multiple colors, so if you love your simple neutrals or if you love adding a pop of color, these shoes are for you. Not only are they a great way to experiment with different fabrics on a shoe, but they also are the best way to make a simple statement.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform

The color brown and platform shoes have, without a doubt, taken over the fashion trends of 2021, so why not combine the two for only $90? With the platform design, you can wear them on a rainy and muddy day without your socks getting uncomfortably wet. While this is cutting close to the budget, there isn’t a more reliable shoe that will last as long as a pair of Converse All Stars.

Adidas Ozweego

A nice chunky shoe would pair well with a chic sweat set for this fall, and it pairs even better when it only costs $96. Depending on the color pallet of this shoe, it can exceed your budget, but if you stick with the pure colors that also happen to be the staple color, your bank won't break. This shoe is great because it is not only fashionable, but it is comfortable and can be worn for hours. These are always in demand, so hurry and place your order!

FILA Ray Tracer

Fila’s have unintentionally become a meme on TikTok, but they are undeniably chic and affordable for college students, with them only being $85! As mentioned earlier, chunky shoes and platforms are in right now, and they are great for the fall weather. Thus these are a great option! Not to mention the neutral color pallet that would pair well with the trending colors of the season!


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