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Dimitra Milan: The Dream Weaver

By Aida Toro

Dimitra Milan’s passion and love for art began after witnessing her parents’ artistic accomplishments. Currently residing in Arizona, Milan is 19 years old and is living the dream as she is currently creating her own art, teaching, and traveling to Europe twice a year.

“I learned art from both my parents who are artists and they own their own art school, the Milan Art Institute, that’s been opened for about eight years,” she said. “I mostly paint in oils, although it depends on the painting.”

At times, Milan likes to use collage or ink in the background before she transitions to oils. She believes her art to be abstract, dreamy, and dangerous as well as a tad bit surreal.

“After taking an intensive portfolio class three times, I finally found my own style and voice,” she said. “This happened when I was 13 years old which was about the time I decided to become an artist.”

Milan has continued to pursue art ever since as she is a full-time painter who enjoys painting animals, nature and people.

“I love to create a story within my art where the viewer can make a connection and have their own personal meaning,” she said. “To me, everything I paint is a symbol and sometimes I don’t really know the meaning until it’s finished. For example, a tiger means strength and wolves mean independence, and individuality.”

Aside from being a full-time painter, Milan is a part-time teacher at the Milan Institute.

“I teach three days a week, once or even twice per month,” she said. “To me, art is the ultimate way to express one’s self and I love every second of creating something beautiful because I think the world really needs more beauty.”

At the art institute, Milan teaches an all day intensive class that is basically a whole day at a college specializing in art. The class runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“I’m teaching 24 students plus an extra 40 online students,” she said. “ I’m teaching many different things such as classical oil painting and drawing for now.”

Eventually, Milan will move on to teaching classes entailing mixed media, voice, style, personal aesthetic, along with marketing and branding.

“ I am very passionate about helping other artists achieve their dreams and goals to make art their full time career,” she expressed.

Milan looks forward to creating more paintings and seeing how they will all evolve. She also desires to travel the world more and meet new artists along with individuals who love art.

“I want people to feel hope, courage, inspiration, beauty and most importantly love,” said Milan. “I hope my art awakens something deep inside them.”

If interested in viewing and purchasing Milan’s work, visit, where she sells a variety of prints of her work in addition to her first self published book “Gold and Grace”.


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