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Matty Beniers: Skating Beyond the Ice with Seattle's Rising Star

Photo of Seattle Kraken's Matty Beniers by Kyle J Yunker of Zero Five Photography
Matty Beniers by Kyle J Yunker of Zero Five Photography

In the heart of Seattle's bustling sports scene, a young star shines on the ice, weaving a story of passion, dedication, and unwavering spirit. Matty Beniers, in an exclusive sit-down with Nfm, offers an intimate glimpse into his life as a central figure of the Seattle Kraken.

Matty's journey into hockey is a tale of early beginnings and relentless enthusiasm. "It started in my basement with my brother and dad just playing mini hockey, which later progressed to street hockey and ice hockey," he shares. His first ice skating attempt at 18 months old didn't quite go as planned, but it wasn't long before the rink became his second home. This early love for the game wasn't just about playing; it was about finding a place where his energy and enthusiasm found their true calling.

The transition to the NHL brought its own set of challenges, especially being away from family. Matty speaks fondly of the rituals and routines that keep him grounded. "For me, I like to tape my sticks, stick handle, play soccer (sewer ball) with the team and then do a warm up on my own," he says. This connection to his roots is evident in every aspect of his life, from his disciplined pre-game routines to his fashion choices.

Speaking of style, Matty didn’t have a comment on the 'suits only' rule in hockey but his pre-game suit selection has been colorful and complimentary from what we’ve seen. Off the ice, his style is comfortably casual, which makes him fit right into Seattle’s current fashion flow.

Seattle has quickly become a significant part of Matty's life. He praises Osteria La Spiga, his favorite Italian restaurant in the city, “I’m quite Italian and I love the dishes they have at the restaurant! I would recommend the gnocchi," he admits, his affection for the Seattle hot spot evident in his words.

Matty Beniers photo by Kyle J Yunker of Zero Five Photography
Matty Beniers by Kyle J Yunker of Zero Five Photography

Matty's life outside hockey is as rich and varied as his career on the ice. From a confessed sweet tooth to a newfound love for the TV show 'Louder Milk,' he reveals his diverse interests. “My favorite thing about the show is how the main character comes off as a mean older guy but actually is extremely selfless and tries to help all the people around him,” he says. This aspect of the character resonates with Matty, reflecting a personality that's both relatable and endearing. Eminem's music fuels his pre-game energy, while off the field, golf, tennis, and fishing with family and friends offer him a peaceful retreat.

What truly sets Matty apart is his connection with the Seattle Kraken's fanbase. "Best part about being a member of the Seattle Kraken is how the Seattle fanbase really rallied around the team right out of the get go. They are passionate fans and they love hockey so it makes coming to the rink that much more fun when you know the city and fans are behind you," he notes. His relationships with his teammates, especially his roommate Will Borgen, underline the close-knit nature of the team.

As we feature Matty Beniers on Nfm's cover, it's clear he embodies more than just athletic prowess; he represents the heart and soul of the Seattle Kraken. His story is one of passion, resilience, and a deep connection with the community, a narrative that resonates with every Seattle sports enthusiast.

In Matty Beniers, Seattle has not just a hockey player, but a beacon of inspiration, reflecting the spirit of the city and its passionate embrace of the sport.

You can show your love and support for Matty Beniers on his Instagram at @mbeniers10 and cheer on the Seattle Krakens at @seattlekraken as they finish off the season strong.

Photography: Kyle J Yunker of Zero Five Photography

Styling: Alexis Isabel

Creative director: Chele Sellman


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