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Emma Ramos: Crafting Laughter & Legacy

Photo of Emma Ramos
Emma Ramos

A Tapestry of Talent and Tenacity

In the effervescent world of acting and comedy, Emma Ramos shines as a beacon of versatility and vibrancy. Her journey, woven with the threads of passion, resilience, and diversity, offers a rich narrative that resonates with aspiring artists and admirers alike.

Early Inspirations: The Roots of a Dream

Emma’s initiation into the realms of acting and comedy was nothing short of magical. Her father, an embodiment of humor and wisdom, served as her guiding star. He was her Norm Macdonald and Mahatma Gandhi rolled into one, teaching her to laugh through hardship and keep moving forward with a simple yet profound motto, “Ay que levantar los hombros” – raise your shoulders and keep going.

But it was the world of acting that called to her instincts. Growing up in a sheltered environment, Emma found solace and inspiration in her expansive book collection, notably the Disney Storybook Collection, a cherished family heirloom. It was here, amid the pages of tales and fantasies, that her artistic flame was kindled. She recalls a pivotal moment during a Christmas Eve, where she adapted a story into a play, casting her cousins and herself in the leading roles. This experience was a defining one, igniting her 'Thumos' – the Greek concept of spiritedness and fervor.

Journey to Stardom: The Path of Persistence

Emma's ascent in the acting world is a testament to her stamina and dedication. She credits Bob Lupone, the late director of Telsey Company’s conservatory acting program, for instilling in her the importance of focusing on her craft. It was this focus that eventually led to her recurring role in shows like "New Amsterdam." She approached her roles, no matter how small, with a commitment to serve the story and the character, embodying the ethos of an artist true to her vocation.

Diversity in Hollywood: A Changing Landscape

Emma reflects on the shifts towards diversity in Hollywood with a sense of gratitude and cautious optimism. She acknowledges that her career benefitted significantly from these changes. The landscape of opportunities for Latina actors has evolved from a narrow pathway to a broad avenue, allowing for a richer and more authentic representation of stories and characters.

Heritage and Roles: A Confluence of Culture and Character

Emma views her heritage as an asset, expanding her storytelling canvas. Being bilingual and culturally aware gives her an edge, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to her roles. She emphasizes the importance of staying curious and compassionate, ensuring that her work resonates with authenticity and heart.

Challenges Overcome: A Story of Resilience

Emma’s career has not been without challenges. Navigating immigration issues, language barriers, and stereotyping were significant hurdles. However, the shift in societal attitudes following movements like BLM has brought about a positive change, leading to more inclusive and respectful practices in the industry.

Role Preparation: Delving into the Depths of Character

For Emma, preparation for any role, be it comedy or drama, begins with understanding the character. She delves into their backstory, seeking to inhabit their world fully, regardless of the genre.

Memorable Moments: A Career of Cherished Roles

Emma cherishes every role she has played, each offering a unique experience and learning opportunity. From portraying Win in Phillip Howze's "Frontieres sans Frontieres" to her role in Lot Vekeman's "Poison", she has continuously pushed her boundaries, exploring diverse characters and narratives.

In Emma Ramos, we see not just an actor or a comedian, but a storyteller par excellence, whose journey inspires and illuminates. Her story is a vibrant tapestry, rich with the hues of persistence, talent, and diversity – a true inspiration for anyone daring to dream in the world of arts.


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