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Blanka White: YouTuber, Influencer and College Student

By Claire Martindale

Blanka White is a both a full-time student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and a successful beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber with over 200,000 subscribers as of July 2020. This past week, I talked with Blanka about her start on the platform, the struggles of juggling college and content creation and where she sees herself and her channel in the future.

Hi Blanka! How has it been being back home since quarantine?

Hi! I won’t lie and say that it hasn’t been hard! I miss being at school, living alone and doing normal everyday things. But I am also enjoying the extra time with my family and taking things easy. The best part of being home has probably been getting to spend time with my cat honestly. I miss having a pet when I’m living away at school so it’s nice being at home and having someone to snuggle with.

What inspired you to start YouTube?

I actually started when I was super young, like 12, and it was because I was spending my time on YouTube looking at various videos to pass time and learn things. I was actually into art and crafts back then, so I got inspired to make my own channel to show those off because I wanted to be part of the community that I enjoyed watching! Also those videos may still be wandering the old YouTube archives somewhere, but those are way too embarrassing to show!

What’s your favorite topic to make videos about?

Anything that can help or inspire others! It’s a very rewarding part of making videos, knowing that you have the ability to give advice and have an impact! I really enjoy making videos about school advice because I have had so many people reach out and say that I have helped them by talking about my personal experiences, or answering questions that could help someone with whatever they are dealing with!

Besides Toronto, are there other cities you would hope to be based in one day?

I love Toronto so much and I definitely see myself here for a while, but I also would love to try living in New York or even somewhere in Europe! But I have a feeling I will always end up in Toronto in the end.

What is it like juggling student life and content creation?

It can get very hard, and I always make sure to put school first. Although there are times I have to catch myself when I have deadlines for sponsorships and I am putting that before my assignments, for example. But overall it’s important for me to find the balance between the two, as creating content brings me joy and it’s almost like an escape from my studying.

What is your favorite thing about being an influencer?

Hmm, I would say that this goes back to my favorite topic to make videos about. Getting messages or even meeting people in person that tell me that they enjoy my videos or even getting to give insight and act as an older sister at times is so great. Also, having a platform is very rewarding and I feel lucky to be given that and try my best to use it to bring awareness to current issues such as the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Since you specialize in makeup and beauty videos, do you have any predictions about what the next big trends will be in the upcoming months?

Good question! I think that natural beauty and minimal makeup looks will become a go-to. Since most of us are not really doing our full makeup routines during these times, I have a feeling as things start going back to normal many are going to stick to the natural look and embrace their beauty!

Has being a business major helped you in your YouTube career? If yes, how?

I actually think it’s been the opposite in a way! I have learned a lot from having a YouTube, and especially in my marketing classes I can totally relate knowledge from social media to my class content! There have been countless times the topic of influencers has come up in my classes, and I get to sit there and listen to everything about what I do, but it's fun! But there have been skills that I have gained from classes that will help me with YouTube and understanding the business side of sponsorships and such!

Do you have any advice for college students wanting to start YouTube?

I say go for it! College is such a monumental time and whatever content you end up creating, you will always be able to look back and see how you lived and were back then! It’s very special having documented moments on film, and getting to look back and reflect is so fun!

Where do you see yourself and your YouTube career after university?

Scary to think about. I will totally continue with YouTube, but I also know that I need to pick up another hobby, job or whatever it may be to keep myself busy! Ever since I have made my first video I have been in school, so after university if it was just me and my channel, I might go crazy. Ideally I would still be living downtown and working a “regular” job while still documenting everything! But who knows, maybe I’ll decide I want to take time for myself and travel. Either way, my YouTube channel is going with me!

Check out Blanka’s YouTube channel and Instagram for coverage on all things beauty and fashion, lifestyle vlogs and exciting upcoming content!

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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