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2020 Fashion Trends We’ll Probably Laugh at in 10 Years

By Haylee Thorson

It is no secret that fashion is constantly changing. Trends will come and go, but photographic evidence will never let us forget them. Every decade has its own set of fashion trends that have gone down in history as being quite cringeworthy. Whether it is 80s leg warmers or 90s chokers, everything always seems like a great idea until it no longer is. Here are five fashion trends from the beginning of 2020 that I think will join the fashion hall of fame for being the biggest regrets of the decade!

1. Chunky Sneakers

While this pains me to admit, I am 99% certain chunky sneakers will become completely obsolete within the next few years. The perfect addition to any outfit, these shoes make anyone look like an off-duty model with a $7 latte in hand. Whether they are chunky Filas or platform Chuck Taylors, these bad boys are basically the modern-day moon boots. Pair them with some biker shorts, an oversized tee, and small hoops, and you will be looking like a million dollars according to 2020 standards. So, if you already own a pair of these babies or are in the market to get some, wear them while they are still cool, because in a few years, they will be nothing but a distant memory.

2. Sweat Shorts

For comfort purposes, I truly hope this trend never dies out. There is just something about wearing a long pair of shorts that make us look like teenage boys, that just feels right. They are baggy, cozy, and soft—what’s not to love? In all honesty, this trend looks absolutely amazing with a cropped tank, white sneakers, and a low bun, and I will probably cry the day this look stops being cool. But for now, lets just enjoy the fact that this trend ever came into existence in the first place and bask in the glory of this wonderfully weird article of clothing. In fact, if you do not already own a pair, go buy some and make the most of this trend while you can!

3. Face Masks

Okay, I know these are not necessarily a “fashion” trend, but I felt like they needed to be included. While wearing a mask is not anyone’s idea of fun, we have certainly gotten very creative with them over the past few months. Printed masks, plain masks, customizable masks, you name it—we have all gotten seriously good at rocking this mandatory accessory. Whether you are one of those people that matches their mask to their outfit or hastily throws one on on your way out the door, these add-ons are absolutely essential. Apart from all of the other trends on this list, this is one we will be cringing at solely because of their association with the current unfortunate period of time.

4. Birkenstocks

At this point, I feel like I am simply roasting myself because I participate in all of the trends on this list. Yet, another item revered for its undeniable comfort and low maintenance-Birkenstocks are sandals sent down from the heavens. Heading out to grab coffee? Throw on your Birks. Filling up your gas tank? Birks. Swinging by the post office? You know the drill. Wear them with socks or wear them without. Wear them at home or out and about. While these are not the most attractive pair of sandals on the planet, I hope they will stick around for a long, long time. And when the day comes that they finally see the grave, the hearts of sandal wearers everywhere will break just a little bit.

5. Biker Shorts

If loving these is wrong, I do not want to be right. Maybe it was the sight of Kim Kardashian strutting around in biker shorts and Yeezys, but in that moment, the world knew they needed a pair of their own. Whether you wear them with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers or a bra top and slides, this trend is 2020 style in a nutshell. However, these spandex shorts are not everyone’s cup of tea and they are bound to fade from our memories within the next 10 years. But until then, we will continue to live out our off-duty model dreams by wearing these ridiculously tight shorts anywhere and everywhere!

Before wrapping up, I just wanted to end by saying that I am a huge fan of all of these trends and will continue to wear them even when they go out of style (well, except for the masks). It does not matter if an article of clothing is trendy or not, if you like something—wear it! We spend so much time caring about what others think about our appearance when we should really be focusing on the things that make us happy. If Birkenstocks still make you feel fabulous in 2030, keep on wearing them. If you are 80 years old and biker shorts continue to make you feel like a baddie, keep on rocking them. Just keep doing you and you will have no regrets!

Haylee Thorson is an editorial writer who specializes in beauty, culture, and travel. Follow her on Instagram.


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