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1Wrkout with Nick Hounslow Pt. 2

By Catherine Michelle

He is the people's Prince in Christmas With a Prince, he was the heartthrob on Hollywood Cycle, and now he is your favorite fitness guru, Nick Hounslow! Nick Hounslow, international model, actor, and celebrity trainer launched his new workout program 1Wrkout during COVID-19 and you will never be healthier mentally and physically. With 36 classes a week conducted via zoom, you will find your new community, a new sense of confidence, and find your lean muscles with his revolutionary 30-minute technique. Nick took the time to speak with us about growing up, modeling, fitness, and his favorite foods!

Be sure to check out for additional information and to sign up for a class today!

Let’s start all the way at the beginning, your childhood. I know you grew up in the UK, what was your childhood like? I also read somewhere that you consider yourself a bit of an army brat and you moved around a lot. Can you explain to me how that experience molded you as a young adult and into adulthood?

My father was in the Royal Air Force, and I was actually born in a military hospital. Right after I was born, they shipped my dad out to Germany, and we were in Germany for many years, and then we went to Cyprus and Sweden, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia so we were constantly moving every two to three years. I was seven when I went to boarding school with my sister, and I consider ourselves lucky to have gone to the same school and that we had each other.

It sounds as though you could be thrown into any situation, anywhere on the planet and feel comfortable, is that how you feel?

It’s made us very adaptable, and that is a really special gift to give someone. I can speak Spanish and French; my sister is a makeup and prosthetics artist and currently lives and works in Norway!

Wow, that is incredible! What an amazing life experience you had at such a young age. Were you always active?

I was super active, I had so much energy! I'm pretty sure I would have been diagnosed with ADHD, I was always running around, and I used to drive my mom crazy. I was good at sports, but I was also super overweight and got bullied by my classmates. It has helped mold me into the man that I am today and to help me motivate my clients. It can be easy for someone to look at me and think that I naturally am fit, but I work really hard to maintain my body through food and exercise. If I can do it, anyone can.

I would have never assumed, which I guess is partially the roadblock many people have. They look on Instagram and see these perfect bodies and assume it’s unattainable for themselves, so they don’t even try.

I have a really great empathy; I know what it feels like to not feel comfortable in your own skin. I also know what it is like to be really athletic and at the same time, being overweight.

When did your love and passion for fitness begin?

I always played sports and loved to swim, but it wasn’t until I was 15 when I had a female chemistry teacher, who was also a rugby player, introduce me to the complexities of nutrition. I learned how to count calories safely, and she also would do circuit training with myself and other students. The weight began to fall off and seeing results helped to keep me motivated to show up the next day and the day after that.

That must have felt good for your mind and body!

It did but at the time, I did take it too far, which is another reason I love to help my clients. I know what it looks like to take dieting and working out too far, and I don’t want that to happen with anyone I work with or that participates in my programs.

Where did your life go after your time at boarding school?

I was around 16 when I was spotted by a modeling agent in London. It was the late 90’s and I fit the trendy look at the time. I was never naturally supposed to be super skinny so when I made the decision to put muscle on, it was exciting to see my body change once again and get stronger. Once I had the muscles, I fit the American market and began working for Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie.

I’ve heard you discuss how you compare training your clients to being a sculptor.

Yes! It is almost like an art form. I love seeing my client’s confidence grow and then seeing their muscles become more defined. If you want to appear to have a smaller waist, we need to work on your shoulders and booty, not do 1,000 sit-ups.

How much does diet matter? Are abs truly built in the kitchen?

You can train all day until the cows come home, but if you have a bad diet your results will suffer. I would say 75-80% is what you eat, and it can be more difficult for females as they naturally have a higher body fat percentage compared to men, which is why they are more likely to have cellulite (which is a totally natural occurrence)!

What foods do you recommend everyone have in their home?

Superfoods. Lots of yogurt, fruits, nuts, leafy greens, lean meats. I always suggest going down the produce aisle and the meat section, that is where the good stuff is. If it comes out of a cardboard box or could sit on a shelf for 5 years and not go bad, you might want to think twice.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I love pizza! My favorite is Hawaiian pizza with pineapple on top and sometimes I drizzle ketchup, but I know that turns many people off ahah, it is just so delicious. I also love Reese’s!

Do you have any advice for someone that feels intimidated to start working out again?

Just start small. Don’t go for an hour run, do a 15-minute mini-workout or go for a walk. Ease into it and don’t beat yourself up over it. Even moving your body for 15 minutes a day will help boost your mental health as well as help to motivate you to do another 15 minutes tomorrow or possibly do 20 minutes! No one has to spend hours in the gym multiple times a week.

During quarantine, you brought your training methods to the masses via zoom. Can you tell me about 1Wrkout?

I started 1Wrkout because not everyone can afford personal training sessions and we needed a platform to give others a sense of community. We are all so isolated right now and working out together can be a wonderful bonding experience and also an easy way to get your body off the couch and moving.

What makes 1Wrkout different from other fitness classes?

It is only 30 minutes and there are no crazy ballistic movements. Our participants range from 15-85 years old and it is very safe for your body and joints because all of our movements are slow and controlled. Every day we focus on a different body part but by the end of the 30 minutes your muscles will be trembling, and your heart will be pumping. You also don’t need any equipment so the barrier to entry is low. All you need is yourself and the zoom link!

What is MMF?

MMF stands for momentary muscle failure and it is what my program is based on. We push your muscles until they reach momentary failure, that is where the growth occurs, mentally and physically. It is not dangerous, gives us lean muscles, and it boosts your metabolism. It is why our program is so effective especially compared to traditional cardio.

How do you suggest people start?

Just try one class. I guarantee you will leave it feeling happier than when you started and will be sore the next day. I suggest people take 2-3 classes a week to see results and as your body adjusts you can take more classes a week if you are inclined but rest days are important too.

Rapid fire questions!

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Movies or TV? Movies

Comedy or Drama? Comedy

Salty or Sweet? Salt and vinegar chips

Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate

Dog or cat? Dog

Coffee or tea? Tea

Staying in or going out? Staying in

Catherine Michelle is the Contributing Editor at Large and Lead Writer for New Face Fashion Magazine and Dreamlette Magazine who focuses on exclusive interviews, reviews, makeup, fashion and more! Follow her on Instagram


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