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The Whimsical and Divine Hair & Makeup of Queen Charlotte

By Roberta Simons

Queen Charlotte movie still from Netflix of India Ria Amarteifio
Netflix's young, Queen Charlotte actress, India Ria Amarteifio

The Netflix show Queen Charlotte is a prequel to the popular Bridgerton series. It tells the story of Queen Charlotte's rise to power and her love affair with King George III. The show is known for its lavish costumes and stunning visuals. But one of the things that really sets Queen Charlotte apart is its hair and makeup.

The hair and makeup team for Queen Charlotte worked tirelessly to create looks that were both historically accurate and visually stunning. They used a variety of techniques to achieve the desired results, including wigs, hair extensions, and makeup.

One of the most striking aspects of Queen Charlotte's hair is the wigs. The wigs are made from a variety of materials, including human hair, synthetic hair, and horsehair. They are styled in a variety of elaborate designs, including towering curls, towering buns, and towering braids.

The makeup for Queen Charlotte is also very elaborate. The makeup artists use a variety of products to create the desired look, including foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and false eyelashes. The makeup is applied in a way that accentuates Queen Charlotte's features and makes her look her best.

The hair and makeup team behind Queen Charlotte's mesmerizing looks have truly outdone themselves, effortlessly blending historical accuracy with jaw-dropping beauty. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. The internet has erupted with adoration for these stunning creations, and our anticipation for the next season of Bridgerton on Netflix has reached an all-time high after indulging in the splendor of Queen Charlotte's regal transformation.

Social media platforms have become a hub of love and appreciation for the hair and makeup looks from Queen Charlotte. Fans enthusiastically share photos of their attempts at recreating these magnificent styles, reveling in the opportunity to emulate the elegance and charm of their beloved characters. The show itself has been lauded not only for its captivating visuals but also for its commitment to diversity and representation, further cementing its place in the hearts of viewers.

As we eagerly await the next installment of Bridgerton, fans have already set their sights on what lies ahead. Their excitement stems not only from the desire to delve deeper into Queen Charlotte's captivating story but also from the hope of witnessing more of the elaborate and awe-inspiring hair and makeup looks that have become synonymous with the show's opulent aesthetic.

The creative minds behind the enchanting looks have shared their insights and inspirations. Nic Collins, the Hair and Makeup Designer, strived to achieve a delicate balance between historical authenticity and visual brilliance. Drawing inspiration from Queen Charlotte's portraits of the era, Collins employed an array of techniques, from wigs and hair extensions to meticulous makeup application, to bring forth looks that exuded elegance and glamour.

Collaborating closely with Collins, Costume Designer Lyn Paolo recognized the pivotal role that hair and makeup play in shaping the overall aesthetic of the show. The duo worked harmoniously to ensure Queen Charlotte's appearance truly reflected that of a regal queen. Paolo commends Collins for the incredible job done, as together they crafted looks that flawlessly blended historical accuracy with captivating beauty.

For Golda Rosheuvel, the talented actress who brings Queen Charlotte to life on screen, the transformative power of hair and makeup cannot be understated. Rosheuvel expresses her adoration for the exquisite artistry involved, emphasizing how it helps her fully embody the regal essence of Queen Charlotte. The hair, makeup, and costumes collectively allow her to step into the shoes of the queen, granting her a sense of glamor and empowerment that brings the character to vibrant life.

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte
Netflix's Queen Charlotte actress, Golda Rosheuvel

The hair and makeup of Queen Charlotte has had an extraordinary impact, receiving praise and admiration from both passionate fans and discerning critics. This talented team has been instrumental in crafting a visually stunning and historically accurate show that has captivated audiences worldwide. Their remarkable artistry has not only delighted viewers but has also left an indelible mark on the world of fashion.

Queen Charlotte's extraordinary hairstyles have sparked a trend-setting revolution, enchanting fashion bloggers and captivating the attention of celebrities. The towering coiffures she flaunts have become an emblem of elegance and grandeur, inspiring countless individuals to experiment with bold, voluminous hairstyles themselves. Moreover, Queen Charlotte's exquisite makeup has become a sought-after style, with enthusiasts eagerly attempting to recreate her enchanting looks in the comfort of their own homes.

The hair and makeup of Queen Charlotte stand as a testament to the immense talent and unwavering dedication of the exceptional team behind them. Their artistry has not only contributed to the creation of a visually stunning and historically authentic show but has also influenced the realms of fashion and beauty, leaving an indelible impression on current trends.

With each passing moment, our enthusiasm grows for the next season of Bridgerton, where we eagerly anticipate immersing ourselves once again in the world of Queen Charlotte and being captivated by the continued brilliance of the show's extraordinary hair and makeup artistry… And the anticipated whirlwind romance of Penelope and Collin.


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