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Styles To Try: July 2020

By Claire Martindale

With stay-at-home orders still in place, many of us have been understandably maxing out on screen-time, turning to social media as a way to stay updated about the world around us and to voice our opinions and stay connected. Here are some beauty and fashion trends that have been prevalent on our feeds during the past couple of months, that will keep you both in the loop and updated with all things quarantine chic:

Soap Brows

Ran out of eyebrow gel? So have many of us! With countless beauty stores across the world closed, and our favorite products on backorder for what feels like an eternity, beauty gurus and makeup fanatics have been turning to DIY beauty hacks to get their glam fix. Even before the days of quarantine, a cult-favorite amongst beauty gurus had been “soap brows,” a DIY beauty hack.

Simply take any brow or lash spoolie you have and gently coat it against a bar of soap (make sure it is clear to avoid any white or colored residue ending up on those beautiful brows). Once your spoolie is coated, wet it under water and proceed to gently brush through your brows in an upward motion, lifting any stubborn and stray hairs vertically. Once your brows are feathered to perfection, go in with a brow pencil and create soft strokes in the direction of your slicked up brow hairs. This technique creates an effortless, feathery brow with an all-day grip that rivals the likes of your favorite luxury brow gel.

Fox Eye Makeup

As far as Instagram is concerned, the days of the cat eye are over in favor of the fox eye makeup trend. This eye-elongating makeup technique will be sure to have the cameras clicking left and right. With a little bit of patience, recreating this fashionable look is an easy task. Try taking a brown eyeshadow or eyeliner pen of your choice and lightly sweep it an upward angle towards the end of your eyebrow. Be sure to skip the middle of your eye line and carefully add a light flick of liner to the end of your eye, angled towards the tear duct. Finish off the eye look with a sweep of highlighter at the edge of your brow bone. Try pairing this eye look with a subtle glossy lip to create the ultimate fox effect.

Outdoor Mirror Selfies

It is understandably difficult to get your friends together to safely hold a photoshoot. Thankfully, we can get shooting all on our own, thanks to this new photography trend. The outdoor mirror selfie really has it all, you can capture a perfect blue sky and your cute new outfit all in one take with the control of your hand. Simply find a sunny spot in your backyard or on your patio, angle the mirror accordingly and snap away!

Glitter Filters

The popular KiraKira filter can transform even the dullest of pictures into a glamourous, glittering wonderland. Use it to add a little sparkle to your stories or a glistening shine to your new gold hoops. This shimmering photo app is the perfect tool to add to your editing folder and is a cult favorite amongst Instagram legends like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajowski.

Custom Sneakers

From the feed of Daisy Keech and the stories of Keaton Milburn, white sneakers decked out in customizable patterns and colors have been everywhere this month. We love the beautiful hand-painted Air Force One’s offered by @angelcreationzoffical. Consider turning this trend into a fun DIY activity. Using any old pair of leather or canvas kicks, grab some acrylic paint and get customizing. Be sure to lay out some newspaper before you get creating, as acrylic paints can stain floors and other household surfaces.

Thanks to social media, staying on top of all things beauty and fashion from all over the globe has never been so convenient. Try these trends at home to pass the time and refresh your look before quarantine ends.

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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