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From Makeup Artist to AI Fashion Designer: An Interview with Marika D'Auteuil

Updated: May 14, 2023

Interview by Isla Lewis

Marika D'Auteuil, a makeup artist turned AI creator, is a woman of many talents. With a background in makeup and a passion for technology, she has found a unique way to merge the two and create stunning AI-powered makeup editorials.

When asked about her transition from makeup artist to AI fashion designer, Marika explains that she has not made a complete transition. Instead, she sees them as two creative mediums that blend well together and allow her to explore her imagination in separate ways. "I have not transitioned from one to the other. They are two creative mediums that mix well together and allow me to explore my imagination in different ways. What I like above all is to create beautiful universes and beautiful visuals, and both give me the opportunity to do so," states Marika D'Auteuil.

Marika's background in makeup has certainly influenced her design process with AI technology. She says that the images she generates with AI reflect the style and signature that she has as a makeup artist, with lots of contrast, texture, and duality. With over a decade of experience in the fashion photography industry, Marika knows what appeals to her and is able to easily translate this into her AI designs.

Marika walks us through her process for creating an AI-powered makeup editorial. She starts with a theme that inspires her and explores it through trial and error until she finds a world she likes. From there, she plays with the details to create different images and a story that holds together.

To ensure that the AI technology enhances, rather than detracts from, the final look and feel of the editorial, Marika says it's all about balance. Her experience in the field gives her an eye for good taste in themes that can sometimes be hard to master. She emphasizes the importance of details, from the environment to the model, styling, hairstyle, makeup, and lighting, to achieve a harmonious result.

Working with AI technology in the realm of editorial makeup design comes with its own set of challenges, such as the realism of computer-generated makeup and texture issues. Marika acknowledges that the technology is still novel and has its limits, but she is confident that it will evolve quickly. "The technology is new, and I find that computer-generated makeups are not, at the moment, as realistic as hairstyles and clothes, for example. A lot of issues with texture I would say. And we must not forget that the images produced may seem photorealistic, but in the end, they are digital illustrations. Naturally, technology has its limits too. It should evolve pretty fast... "After all, I'm training the machine day and night," she laughs.

One of the biggest challenges Marika faces as an AI fashion designer is making the models appear as realistic as possible, including their hands, which are particularly hard to get right. She sees the future of AI in the fashion industry as an opportunity to reduce waste and make fun designs more accessible and inclusive.

When it comes to ethical considerations in AI fashion design, Marika believes that there will need to be regulations and frameworks put in place, particularly for commercial purposes. "I believe this is a slippery subject at the moment." Brands will need to be transparent about their use of AI, and people will want to know the authenticity of what they are seeing. "People won't want to constantly question the authenticity of what they are seeing."

Marika's design process, from concept to final product, is entirely computer-generated, with AI involved from start to finish. She is even testing incorporating her makeup images into the equation to have digital versions of them.

Marika thinks that AI fashion design will be a game-changer for traditional fashion designers, allowing them to create realistic moodboards and explore different possibilities with ease.

For those interested in trying out AI fashion design, Marika recommends playing with programs like Dall-e, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion. She encourages any artist who loves technology to give it a try, calling it a fun and incredible creative tool.

Despite her love for AI fashion design, Marika says that makeup will always be her first love. She values the human connection that comes with being a makeup artist and will always choose it over the machine, saying, “Makeup is my first love and it allows me to create and express myself, work with fantastic teams, create beautiful images and travel the world. I'll always choose the human proximity before the machine.”

With her unique background and creative vision, Marika D'Auteuil is a true trailblazer in the world of AI fashion design. You can check out her fantastic designs, and makeup profile, on Instagram at her AI fashion account @illusorybeauty and her makeup account @lapetitevengeance.


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