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Kimaya McPherson is Never Giving Up

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

by Victoria Lee

Keep Trying

The never giving up vibrant and charming couture bridal fashion designer Kimaya McPherson is showing just what she is made of. She is storming the fashion industry with her untraditional but chic designs that are catching everyone’s eyes.

Fashion Designer: Kimaya McPherson

Photographer: CLS Photography

MUA: Camille Love

The moment I met Kimaya McPherson, she was getting ready to speak for a fashion panel in Miami, FL. McPherson’s passion exuded from the moment I met her, coupled with a strong warm presence. Her energy was instant and embracing as she walked toward me with a huge smile followed by a hug. I knew in that moment she was one who acknowledges, believes, and empowers people in their greatness.

From a young age, McPherson knew she loved the creative world, whether that would be design, writing, or acting. Though initially thinking she wanted to be a pilot, the urge to cut up anything she could get her hands on became permanent. McPherson’s natural gift of creativity from the time she could remember, doesn’t mean that her path has been easy. She will be the first to tell you a fashion career is curvy and unpredictable; that’s the thrill of it. However, the thing she loves about fashion is though everyone’s journey is different, there are relatable similarities that create bonds. She thrives in the moments where she can bring people together in a collaborative effort, all to contribute their talented gifts.

Her journey has been one of admiration, but you would never know. McPherson said, “There was a time my dream and my designs were all I had. They carried me through the toughest moments in my life.” She never quit, even in the times she wanted to. After college she was left with her dream and designs, and an unknown path of what was next while doors slammed in her face. Deciding to take a step back to regroup, she focused and narrowed in on her passion for fashion. When it was time to resurface, she came back with a bang. McPherson is showing today exactly why people love her and her designs.

McPherson is a busy creative businesswoman, a wife, and a mother of two boys; all three things she loves in this world. She still made the time to be interviewed, she is just that dedicated to her craft.

Victoria: What are key skills you feel fashion designers need to have?

Kimaya: Believing in oneself and understanding that you are the one in control of your vision and aesthetic. Claim who and what you are. After that, know that what you do has value and act accordingly.

Fashion Designer: Kimaya McPherson with her Queen Collection

Photographer: Dio Burto Photography

Creative Director: Beryl Colbert

VL: When is the most common time for design visions, come to your mind?

Kimaya: Designs and creative visions come to my mind at the most random times. They are so unexpected! For instance, they can come right after I just fell asleep in the middle of the night, or during my workouts. I am usually on the leg press at the gym sketching my ideas in the air trying to hold on to them, so I do not forget.

Wardrobe: Kimaya McPherson

Photographer: Islandboi Photography

Model: Kellie

Victoria: Being a fashion designer yourself, when do you get a chance to watch other fashion shows? What goes through your mind as they design?

Kimaya: I absolutely adore fashion contests like Making the Cut and Project Runway. I have auditioned for them both. I would love the opportunity to have the experience of being on either of those shows! It excites me to know that one person who has probably shared some very similar experiences as me, is about to have the opportunity of a lifetime to live out their dreams. I am usually so excited for all the contestants that make it there, they get the opportunity to show the world what they are made of and that is a big deal!

VL: During your most recent runway show, Guerdy Abraira from Miami Housewives wore one of your beautiful designs. As a designer, what does that feel like?

Wardrobe: Kimaya McPherson

Model/Host: Guerdy Abraira at STU fashion show

KM: This moment was so special to me. She selected pieces from two designers out of the show and mine was one of the two. It was nice to see one of my pieces on her. She is fearless, strong, and beautiful on top of being a distinguished role model. Also, she was the very first celebrity to wear my clothes!

Victoria: If there is one thing you would enhance in the fashion industry, what would it be?

Kimaya: There are a few things that come to my mind, but the first thing is permanent diversity. Not just trending diversity but lasting diversity in models, sizes, and personalities. As well as other areas of the industry such as editors, designers, photographers etc. I think this world has many talented individuals and we don’t all look the same. The opportunities and support should be accessible to all persons with high potential and abilities in fashion. To me that would make for a profound change.

Another positive enhancement is the direction of where sustainable fashion is going.

Wardrobe: Kimaya McPherson

Photographer: Islandboi Photography

Models: Kellie and Aaliyah Renee

Victoria: How do you celebrate your wins as a fashion designer with your team?

Kimaya: I jump around singing, praising and just celebrating with my family and team! At the end of the day my win is our win!


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