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It's Madison Bailey's World

By Catherine Michelle

Meet your new girl crush and the star of Netflix’s hit teen drama, Outer Banks, premiering on April 15th, Madison Bailey. Madison recently turned 21 and grew in a small town in North Carolina with a large family and even larger dreams that are all starting to come true. She took the time to speak with us about growing up, acting, family, her TV shows and much more! As for her new show, Outer Banks? It’s a treasure hunt, infused with romance and bitter rivals that takes place in the south during the summer; if you haven’t started streaming it yet, what else have you been watching?! Take a mental note of her now, because this is only just the start for Madison Bailey. 

Growing up in a household with seven children, Madison felt the urge to stand out from an early age. She said, “Being the youngest you grow up with that need for attention and I was the performer child. I would sing in front of my whole family in the living room, and since then I knew I wanted to entertain and acting fell into place.” Well, this actress is entertaining millions today, and allowing viewers to transport themselves into an alternate world to escape our current COVID-19 reality. 

Outer Banks is about a teen named John B. who’s father goes missing at sea a few months prior. Madison Bailey who plays Kiara is one of John B.s close friends and while the group of friends is hanging out on a boat one day they find a shipwreck that leads them to clues about his missing father and how he was tied to $400 million in treasure. 

Madison said, “I read the character description of Kiara and thought, ‘this could be fun, I like this character’, but I try not to get too attached to a project just in case. I auditioned and didn’t hear anything back and when I re-auditioned, I didn’t hold anything back. I thought I am going to have fun with it and focus on standing out in that regard. I immediately got a callback and they flew me out to audition in person. It came down to me and one other person and I read first and got it on the spot.” Landing the role of Kiara was a dream come true for Madison. “It changed my life. I panicked and called my dad freaking out; he was so excited and proud of me!” 

The cast then went on a two-week retreat to prepare for filming that included learning how to dock and drive a boat, dive, exercise, and play the ukulele. “It felt like summer camp! It was a great bonding experience for the cast, and you don’t often get that time before filming.” Production placed Madison in ukulele lessons to aid her in getting into character and the vibe of Kiara. Madison says that she is very similar to her character minus Kiara’s athleticism thus making it more of a physical preparation her rather than a mental one. 

Madison will also be appearing on is NBC’s Council of Dads, which premiered in March. Landing the role on the show was a big accomplishment for her and meant that she would get to be a part of a team that is bringing such a powerful story and point of view to viewers across the nation. “The whole show is about adoption and losing a parent, which I have experienced. It is kinda crazy how much my life aligns with the story and the concept. I am excited to have that representation on screen.”

When she isn’t on set, you can find Madison cooking in the kitchen with her father. “We cook together and watch a lot of Food Work like Chopped or Grocery Games. We will see a recipe on TV and recreate it together.” Madison has also taken her new ukulele skills and woven it into other aspects of her life. If you check out her Instagram (@madisonbaileybabe) you can find clips of her covering songs while singing along to her instrument. “I love it because I don’t love singing acapella or to a track, so I play the ukulele.“ Be sure to check out Madison on Instagram and catch Outer Banks and Council of Dads!

Catherine Michelle is the Contributing Editor at Large and Lead Writer for New Face Fashion Magazine and Dreamlette Magazine who focuses on exclusive interviews, reviews, makeup, fashion and more! Follow her on Instagram.


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