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The Fierce Harley Quinn Influencer Emma Norton

Interview & Article by Zara Rawoof

During the quarantine that kept us all indoors earlier this year, many people found ways to get active and do something to entertain themselves during isolation, and that is what led Emma Norton to try out TikTok. “I started TikTok earlier this year during quarantine because I was struggling mentally being stuck inside, and to keep my mind off things, I decided to give TikTok a go.” Many other young adults out there, got themselves into TikTok this year as an entertaining escape from reality. What makes Emma Norton stand out among the crowd is that she became an overnight success. Emma’s TikTok following grew rapidly in a short time and racked up views quickly, branding her an overnight sensation thanks to her unique display of content.

On an app that requires viewers to make you the ultimate TikTok star, it is essential to stand out to become an influencer. Emma managed to gain an unbelievable amount of followers and views by creating content that caught viewers' eyes. Emma discussed her strategy, saying, “How I got noticed was by watching what’s been successful—whether it is current trends, acting skits or dances, and adding my creative twist to it.” Emma’s success stems from her Harley Quinn and other special-effects makeup videos.

“The content that changed everything for me was the voice-over Harley Quinn videos. They blew up and so many people had different opinions about them.” While a range of opinions and comments are common on Emma’s videos, she says, “The perks of being a TikTok influencer are great. I get to meet amazing people who have helped me along the way and changed my life. There are always cons in anything, but the main one so far has been having to navigate and balance my life and work at the same time, which can be tough.”

Outside of TikTok, Emma loves acting and performing. She appeared as Kel Young in Director Rondell Sheridan’s short film Cattle Call. Her number one career goal is to act in films and on television.

An important part of being a TikTok influencer for Emma is the opportunity it gives her to help others. She likes to bring awareness to organizations that do so much for individuals in need. Emma uses her influencer platform to do philanthropic work with Charity Water, an organization that works to provide clean and safe water to communities around the world that don’t have access to it. She is also passionate about Brought to Reality, a clothing brand focused on teen mental health and ending the stigma around mental illness.

As Emma graciously looks back on the year that launched her as a TikTok influencer, she hopes to continue to further her career in 2021. “I look forward to growing my brand and creating my own merchandise, as well as growing as an actress.” All that Emma has accomplished within the last year and her future goals is what makes her an ultimate TikTok star and one to keep an eye on in the year to come. You never know where this beauty will go next.

You can find Emma on IG at @emmanorts and Tiktok at @emmanortss. Don't forget to show some love!

By: Jasmine Dalrymple

Photo Credits:

Photographer: Tim Schaeffer at Cellar Door Studios

Hair and Makeup: Allison Noelle @allisonnoellemakeup

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