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Crystal Healing Guide

Article by Jaclyn Lupo

Crystal healing dives into the world of alternative medicine, where natural elements of the earth are used to prevent disease and fight against ailments in the body. Stones and crystals help conduct positive energy flows throughout the body, which combat the negative energies causing distress.

Although crystal healing is referred to as pseudoscience by many medical doctors, it has spiked in popularity over recent months. There’s no scientific evidence that crystals clarify the body, yet people are still turning to this ancient form of healing inspired in various Asian cultures.

Essentially, modern crystal healing deals with the Chinese concept of chi or qi, translating to life-energy. Greater healing comes with knowledge of the chakras, derived from Buddhism and Hinduism, which relate a specific part of the body to a particular energetic field. There are seven chakras, starting with the root at the base of the spine and ending with the crown at the top of the head. Crystals are said to open energetic blockages and harmonize the entire body.

Different crystals are assigned to transmit different energy flows. The practicer should hold that gem or place it on the distressed part of the body to aid the healing process as they fall into a meditative state of mind, transmitting that energetic quality into their body. The focus falls to the breath and the new positive waves of energy, often resulting in a warming vibration at the spot where the crystal touches the body. These practices are self-guided, serving as a wonderful opportunity for you to truly connect with your intrinsic light.

Here’s a list of the most popular crystals and how to use them effectively:

Clear Quartz

This crystal promotes clarity. It’s extremely versatile and full of light, bathing you with rays of positive, restoring energy. Whether you need a mental or physical detox, this beautiful mineral will do the trick. The cleansing properties associated with the crystal will purify the body, creating space for optimal health. Keeping a piece of crystal on your desk will inspire clear thinking and a positive outlook as you conquer your workday.


This crystal will help you decipher fact from fiction, enhancing your mental clarity. It’s a manifesting powerhouse, helping you clear a path for your goals so you can reach success. In short, it will help point you in the right direction so you can bring about wonderful positive changes in your life. Hold this stone in your palm as you recite positive affirmations to increase manifestation.


This stone protects as you travel, guiding you through the unknown. It’s helpful when you’re in an unfamiliar city or if you’re experiencing new emotional territories within yourself. It allows space for personal growth and encourages exploration. Moonstone holds lots of feminine energy, which softens the heart and allows comforting energy to flow. Wearing moonstone as a necklace will help open your heart and mind to spiritual guidance.


Citrine will help you find gratitude for your blessings.. It holds the power of the sun, brightening your energetic pathways and bringing yourself to a state of awareness and contentment.. If you constantly want new things, this stone will help calm that negative energy flow and replace it with an appreciation for all that you already have. So if you’re looking to save a little money this month, consider adding this stone to your crystal routine.


Amethyst radiates tranquility. It gives off a gentle vibration that awakens the third eye, allowing for pure peace. It has been used in ancient history to combat all forms of addictive behavior because it purifies the mind. Keep this stone by your bed for sound sleep.

Desert Rose

This stone is known for fighting adverse energies that cause anxiety. It will ground you, gently dispelling negativity so you can decipher your thoughts from the reality of a situation. This stone will enhance your decision-making skills and focus, making it ideal for any workspace.

Rose Quartz

This is the love stone, promoting self-love, romantic love, and platonic love! It vibrates with tenderness and can open your heart up to new relationships while boosting current relationships. Use this crystal to find emotional balance and self-acceptance. Hold this stone in a meditative practice to get over a past heartbreak, or deepen your love to whoever deserves it.


This stone is extremely energizing, granting its user great confidence, courage, and creativity. It’s known to alleviate stage fright, and for all artists out there, it will aid your creative practices. Carnelian promotes self-expression and can help you understand your passions. Carry this stone when you need a confidence boost.

It’s not magic; it’s channeling a sense of peace to the mind, which, in turn, gives a sense of peace to the body. It’s medication for the spirit to relieve your body of any negative energy blockages. Anyone can practice crystal healing if they allow themselves to believe that the earth's energies can provide a sense of comfort.

All in all, crystals remind us to be still, to go back to our beautiful, natural world. They’re energetic conductors given to us by mother nature, and with patience, they can bring the positive vibrations needed to achieve our greatest dreams.


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