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Crowning Glory

By Aida Toro

“The main reason I became a hair stylist was to make women feel good. If I can contribute to boosting confidence or just making them feel better, then that's a total win for me.” - Daisy Englander

Englander is known for her creativity behind the chair. All the way from being a Master Stylist to an artist. Currently, she works at Rogue House Salon as a Master Stylist and Manager where she offers services such as color corrections, balayages, hair extensions, hair cutting and so much more. She is also an Educator for Glam Seamless and has worked as a stylist for a variety of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows.

“By 15 years old, I was pretty good at styling, coloring and updo's,” she said. “Once I graduated high school I wanted to learn everything I could about hair and cosmetology so I enrolled at my local beauty school in Brooklyn named Empire Beauty School.”

She was extremely passionate about beauty school and never missed a single day of classes. During her time at beauty school, she also worked at a local hair salon as an assistant. Once she graduated, Englander decided to expand her hair extension education in order to work more with extensions.

“I had a few mentors who taught me a lot and worked with several top hair salons in Manhattan,” she said.

Even though she was climbing up the ladder in the beauty industry, Englander did stumble upon a couple of hurdles throughout her journey. She mentioned that the biggest challenge as an artist in the industry is that people doubt your talent.

“You have to overcome many obstacles and always believe in yourself,” she said. “I've always believed if your passionate about something, you should always work hard to chase your dreams and that's exactly what I did.”

While Englander stayed true to herself and her craft, she always kept advancing her skills in order to get to where she is today. In January of 2017, she decided to participate in the Raw Artist Art show and submitted her 'Hair Art Through the Seasons' showcase. For this showcase, she created one of kind handmade 100% hair art objects. Englander was inspired to curate this showcase because she enjoys making objects with her hands.

“One day, I thought to myself, ‘well wouldn't it be so cool if you can create a normal object out of hair? For example a flower or a crown?” she stated. “I sometimes have these cool but crazy ideas to create things out, and then I just start to craft one piece to see what it would look like and if it would even work.”

Her project consisted of four models that represented a season. She custom colored wigs for each model and created hair pieces they wore as a crown or headband.

For winter, Englander created an ice blue colored 60" straight wig with a custom made hair crown to go with it. Summer's look was a 60" blonde ponytail with custom hair flowers pinned to a braided ponytail. For Autumn, she created a custom ombre wig that transitioned colors all the way from red, orange, yellow to green with a handmade headpiece that had 40 leaves in different colors. As for the Spring look, the piece was a bright pink curled wig with a beautiful custom flowered headband made out of hair.

“It took me four months to create all of the custom hair art pieces and wigs,” she said. “The crown took me the longest because I had to literally build it up from scratch and make sure the structure was secure.”

Englander looks forward to continuing to work with major brands and companies in the beauty industry and hopes to become a world wide known hair artist. She’ll also continue to make one of kind hair art pieces to express her creativity, and of course she will fulfill her duty as a stylist by tending to her clients and creating looks that will make them feel beautiful.

“My advice to someone who is just starting in the beauty industry is to work hard, find a good mentor who will teach you, continue your education by taking hair classes every year, stay true to yourself and always be humble,” she said. “Just love what you do and it will never feel like work.”


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