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Beauty & Quarantine

By Jess Bond

We are all living a new life at the moment. As many say, this is our “new normal.” But how are professionals and influencers in the beauty industry coping with this sudden change? The beauty industry strives to make everyone feel beautiful when they leave their homes, but what happens when going out is not a thing anymore?

Beauty professionals and influencers are continuously pushing new content on social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. Showcasing how they are adjusting to their new life, and how although their beauty routines have changed, feeling beautiful does not have to be canceled.

Recently, beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian West, uploaded a YouTube makeup tutorial highlighting how she keeps up with her daily routine. Hilariously enough, her makeup tutorial was interrupted by her child, North West, showing how even celebrities are being impacted by having a full house 24/7. Beauty YouTuber Allana Davison recently uploaded a video dedicated to her new beauty maintenance and created YouTube videos dedicated to their new beauty maintenance routine since being homebound.

Humor has also been used to help beauty professionals get through this challenging time. YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill uploaded an easy how-to quarantine makeup tutorial packed with funny jabs about how she has been finding random things to do around the house to how her setting spray has destroyed her face. As Jaclyn Hill explains, throwing on a little mascara, gloss, and concealer is important during this time to help keep your day moving because it’s all about the baby steps right now.

Beauty YouTubers are human too, and the pandemic has showcased that. We all want to feel beautiful during this time, and beauty YouTubers understand that there may be a million bumps in our road right now, but we should continue to take care of ourselves the best way we know. Skincare treatments and self-care activities are still as vital as they were before quarantine, and we shouldn’t forget to take care of ourselves during this time.

And for those who are interested in learning more about the products used in the videos, keep an eye out for a follow-up article highlighting their essential products right now!


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