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2020 Sandals of The Summer

By Claire Martindale

Who doesn’t love a good pair of sandals? Such shoes can be both a stylish and practical way to show off your new pedicure, or to let your feet breathe during the warmer months. Sandals of all variations have been a continued staple of the summer season for years on end-offering everyone a wide array of styles, materials, colors and patterns. Here are our top picks of sandal styles and brands to consider purchasing, whether looking to achieve an earthy, beachy or chic look-

Tevas are being seen on your favorite celebrities feet, and are perhaps the sandal trend of the year. Tevas give off the ultimate West Coast/utilitarian style as the brand suggests. With adjustable straps to fulfill both your desired fit and feel on your feet, you can't go wrong with finding a pair that fits you like a glove. Most Tevas are also composed of water-resistant foam, with both rubber outsoles and detailing, so need to worry about blisters or water ruining your trendy new kicks at the beach!

A tried and true classic—Birkenstocks’ have been the second notable casual sandal this summer. With leather straps and a cushy suede base that molds to your feet, Birkenstocks act as both a stylish and comfortable sandal with dozens of colors and styles to suit your fancy. We love the classic white Arizona Shoe from the brand; it pairs nicely with a simple pair of jeans and a plain tee. Check out how Gigi Hadid styled her black pair with an oversized denim jacket and mid-length black socks.

Thong Sandals

Decorative thong sandals act as a great in-between for the pair you would wear to the beach and the ones you would wear out for dinner. Whether it be a gladiator tie-up pair or a classic beach-ready flip-flop, thong sandals have got you covered no matter the situation.

Platform Sandals

Perhaps the newest summer footwear trend on the fashion scene, platform sandals have been making a splash as a statement shoe of choice. We love the Hallie Platform offered by Free People, which we can only imagine would serve as the perfect office casual or day-to-day slip on in the summer months!

Whether platform and beige, or slide-on and pink, this season's trendiest sandals got you covered for wherever your summer adventures may take you.

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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