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Why You Should Separate Art from Artist

Photo by Gretel Lusky

Musicians have the unique ability to create authentic songs that can capture all sorts of human emotions: from heartbreak to triumph, from contentment to dissatisfaction. Artists’ songs symbolize their hard work and dedication to music. However, fans are always quick to assume songs are about the artist's personal life: who they are dating, who they are mad at, what they have experienced... These assumptions can spin out of control, and the work that went into the song is no longer respected or acknowledged. Here are three (important) reasons why people should always separate artists from their art.

1.Often, you don’t know the artist’s whole story

People can point to specific lyrics to decode the meaning of an artist’s song. However, no matter how many media outlets and fan theories about the song come out, no one knows the whole story except for the artists themselves. People can’t prove artists’ intentions because a song is only a glimpse into an artist’s personal lifefans can’t be at the artist’s house 24/7 to watch their every move. If artists don’t want to share their story (and they have a right to do so), then people need to accept that.

2. Artist have a right to express what and how they feelthey are human too

Artists are put on a pedestal in society.They have to radiate positivity and always appear happy. Whenever artists say something that falls outside of those expectations, they are often criticized. People forget that artists have complex emotions too that they need to express. People have no right to control an artist's actionsthey can’t say so-and-so shouldn’t do this-or-that.

3. You will never be able to get a straight answer from artists, so let it go

Artists rarely share the true meaning of their songs and usually tip-toe their way around any questions relating to it. Understandably, they want to keep their private lives to themselves. Besides, when fans ask the same questions about songs and artists give the same answers, it gets boring. Perhaps your own personal interpretation of the song is just as valid as the original intention, so find what the song means for you and roll with that.

When you listen to a song, appreciate it for what it is and how it resonates with you personally. You shouldn’t try to decode or dramatize artists’ work - you don’t know their whole story, and can’t judge them for it. Don’t try to control artists or pry the answers from them, but accept art as it is; mysterious, individual, and able to inspire each person in unique ways.


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