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Part 1: When Can You Call Yourself a Writer?

By Emma Foster

It’s normal for writers to experience self-doubt and a lack of confidence. They ask themselves if their writing is good enough, or if they’re good enough to write. But one of the biggest questions writers ask is how do I know I’m a writer? When can someone call themselves a writer, especially a good one? If this question constantly nags you—if you want to pinpoint what makes a writer—here are a few things to remind yourself.

Writers Discipline Themselves with Their Habits

If you maintain a strong writing habit, working to achieve small goals every day and disciplining yourself to keep writing even when the words won’t come, then you can call yourself a writer. Not every writer is a book writer. You can still call yourself a writer even if you create articles, blog posts, or other forms of non-creative writing.This applies to any type of writing because all writers should strive for a disciplined routine.

You can still call yourself a writer. But what if life is hectic? If you make writing a priority, if you strive to keep a writing habit and push yourself toward your goals, then your discipline sets you apart then someone who just writes for fun. You might not feel confident, especially if you miss a writing day, but the key is moving forward, disciplining yourself to get back on your feet.

Writers Constantly Try to Improve Their Craft

Good writers know that they will never stop learning how to write well. Any type of writing has its own technique and skill that you need to recognize, and even if you have writing talent, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to practice the skills that make good writing. You can call yourself a writer if you keep looking for something new to learn or actively trying to improve on what you’ve already learned. You may not have the confidence every day, but writers don’t let that stop them.

Writers Write

No matter what type of writer you are, you need to write a lot. You see where you can improve, and you have an idea of what you should write next, and you learn a new skill that you can’t wait to practice. Then you get to writing. How else are you going to get better at your craft? Remember that writers take the time to write, just like they would practice in any other field. If you’re worried you’re not becoming a writer, remember that writers write. It won’t always be good, but it’ll be something. Soon you’ll notice that you’re developing those habits.

So remember you can call yourself a writer and a creative even if you’re staring at a blank screen. Remind yourself that you are working on improving your craft and you’re putting in the time and effort to make yourself a better writer. You may not feel confident in your writing abilities every day, but you have what it takes to think of yourself as a writer.


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