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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Updated: May 14, 2023

By: Delanee Ensley

Image by Naomi Bokhout

Everyone has their favorite colors, whether it be a neutral tan or a bold blue. These color personalities might give you more insight into your feelings than you knew!


Many people like the color blue because it gives a relaxed, peaceful feeling to your psyche that you might see in logos like Facebook or Twitter. These companies use blue and white colors because of the comfort that it tends to give. The personality traits that are associated with blue are loyalty, productivity, and compassion!


Green can be a tricky color as it is associated with many different things like nature, wealth, or jealousy/envy. The true meaning, however, is much less complicated. This color signifies growth in personal and professional lives. The personality traits that are associated with green are problem-solving, helpfulness, and practicality!


The color of royalty has emanated power and privilege throughout its continuing lifespan. Purple can also be a color that may frustrate some people; this is why brands like Taco Bell or Yahoo tend to cut it with a neutral white color. The personality traits associated with purple are creative, quick-witted, and craving individuality!


This bold color can give people a multitude of feelings, including danger or encourage an immediate need for action. Many websites tend to color discount prices or their purchase button in red to get people’s attention or give them a feeling of panic and need. Red personality traits include being bold, intimidating, or a seeker of thrill and adventure!


Happiness and sunshine is a strong color definition for yellow. Many companies use this to their advantage to get you to feel happy about whatever you’re doing or buying. Yellow personality traits include positivity, optimism, and a calming feeling for those around them.


This color entices a lot of feeling in people, from smell to the sky at sunset. Lots of people use this to get people’s attention in a sort of muted red color. Though this method is not as effective as red, it can be a relaxing solution if you don’t want to bombard your customers. Orange personality traits include cheerfulness, extrovertedness, and enjoying a deep conversation!


This color tends to be used to describe femininity and sometimes childishness. Many companies use it to portray feminine brandings like Victoria’s Secret or Barbie. Pink personality traits include being playful, naive, and love!

These colors are seen around us every day, and the emotion and effects they have on us psychologically are crazy. We see these colors in our everyday lives, and sometimes they even affect our personalities too!

Information found on Big Think


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