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What’s the Deal With Witch Hazel?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

By: Delanee Ensley

We’re always looking for that new product to keep our acne away, make our scalp less itchy, and keep us healthy. Well, what if one product could do all three? According to Health Line, witch hazel is a “... plant with powerful medicinal properties that can be used in a variety of ways.” This is a product that is naturally derived and has many great benefits!

Acne has always been a problem, but even washing your face doesn't always work. Instead of calling it quits after you wash your face, next time, try rubbing witch hazel extract on your face or buying a face cream that is infused with witch hazel. This potion constricts the tissue in your skin which allows the pores to shrink up. It also gives your skin some inflammation relief, which will provide you with a soothing feeling. This process, though research still needs to be done, may deflect bacteria and keep your pores clean.

A dry, itchy scalp can be a real nuisance, especially in the wintertime, but witch hazel might be the solution to your problem. Just like with acne, witch hazel is known to reduce inflammation and soothe achy areas. Dry scalp and flakes can be difficult to treat with the many different shampoos out there. It's hard to know how many different unhealthy chemicals can be in these hair products, next time, go with the natural option!

Sickness runs rampant, especially this time of year, and witch hazel once again has you covered! Not only is it known to ward off infection, but it can also soothe that sore throat you have that just won’t go away. Witch hazel, as we know, has anti-inflammatory properties. To get that feeling of relief, it is best to boil water with about one teaspoon of witch hazel, gargle it, and then spit it out. This may help any throat swelling to go down and dry up extra mucus.

Although witch hazel is a natural product, it is still important to take it safely. There are many creams and hair products out there, but something to be wary of is that it could cause an allergic reaction. The best way to test this is to place a small amount on your skin and see if there is any reaction. Another thing to be wary of is ingesting witch hazel. According to Health Line, taking 3-4 teaspoons of witch hazel extract is safe, but any more than that could cause vomiting.

Witch hazel has been used for decades as a way to heal and look fabulous while doing it. The next time you have a sore throat, acne, or a dry head of hair, use this natural remedy instead of looking into a chemically-altered alternative!


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