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Trendiest Fall Patterns

by Zara Rawoof

As the weather gets cooler, your style can too. It may be hard to shift your summer wardrobe to a new autumn look past sweaters and beanies, but the key to revamping for a new season is changing patterns up. Fall comes with a distinct set of patterns that can be bestowed upon any bag, scarf, or blouse. Here are some of the most current autumn patterns you can use to show off your excitement for the best season of the year.


Not associated with any set of colors, going with a houndstooth pattern is the easiest way to make a casual look more put together. Making a smooth transition from summer can be done by swapping gingham with its more sophisticated older sister. Most recently found on skirts, no matter the cut, the pattern paired with camel and darker nude tones are not only perfect for fall but can be worn into the winter season as well.


Plaid has been traditionally thought of when it comes to farmer attire and keeping warm with flannels. In recent years, plaid defines the colder weather and finding the right one can easily elevate your outfit. Like houndstooth, plaid skirts are finding their homes in the closets of many fashionistas. An oversized plaid flannel will keep you warm, and leaving the top unbuttoned half-tucked takes your plain jeans and t-shirt to another level.


This criminally underrated pattern is usually associated with home furnishings, but adding it to your outfit via a shoulder bag or scarf creates more dimension. Wide-legged pants and a basic long sleeve can turn in a completely different direction if the accessories they are paired with have this sleek pattern. Traditionally, herringbone is regarded as more sophisticated than plaid or tartan.


It’s easy to imagine a Hamptons beach house in July when we think of preppy, but the term is often associated with high-end back-to-school style. To accomplish this look and also keep warm, an argyle print sweater vest is simply perfect. Tuck it into a skirt or wear it oversized with your favorite pair of leggings. No matter what, this classic pattern cannot go wrong during fall.

Toile de Jouy

When the cooler climate starts rushing in, bright florals are often left behind. If you still cling to the cheery pattern that was so last season, there is a perfect solution. Toile has been around since the eighteenth century yet still manages to provide a chic new take to any outfit. It may seem like a daunting design at first, but Toile de Jouy is extremely simple to adorn, especially with clothing trends. On a fitted corset with leather pants, you create a gorgeous statement piece that instantly makes your outfit more avant-garde.


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