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Top 5 TikTok Musicians, You Don't Know Who Need a Record Deal

By Livan Samudio

With the recent rise of TikTok, people have been making videos in the efforts of going viral. While some TikTok users get lucky and have their videos reach millions of views, others continue producing content in hopes of getting their name out into the world. Here is a top 5 list of TikTok Musicians who you should definitely be following. Tiktok handles are provided after the musician's name.

1. Sophie Pecora - @sophiepecora

At the end of 2019, Sophie Pecora began her TikTok with a cover of the song “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra which currently has over 40 thousand views. Now, nearly a year later, Sophie has 1.7 million TikTok followers and has over 30 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. She recently posted a snippet of a song she wrote about overthinking and asked her followers if she should release it.

2. Samica - @princezukosgirl

Samica joined TikTok at the beginning of 2020. She currently has a following of nearly 39 thousand followers and has 24 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Her latest work was her EP “Call Me” which was released this past September. A few days ago, she received her first Spotify Wrapped where she had 771.4 thousand streams for the year.

3. Hyphen - @hyphenrappertiktok

Hyphen joined TikTok back in March at the start of the pandemic. According to his bio, he “left a corporate job to be a rapper.” He currently has 30 thousand followers on TikTok and 15 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. He recently released a new music video and is also advertising for his fans to pre-save his upcoming work called “Welcome to Paris.”

4. Adam Road / Trubdr - @trubdr

Adam Road or Trubdr, as he refers to himself, started his TikTok back in August of 2019. One of the first videos I saw of Trubdr was of him playing in the New York subway. He currently has 11 thousand followers and over four thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, In October, he released his latest music video.

5. Sam Spector - @samspectormusic

She started her TikTok back in May with a cover of My Chemical Romance’s song “Summertime.” With 856 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 8 thousand followers on TikTok, Spector continues to satisfy the ears of her fans with her beautiful voice and awesome guitar sessions.

Livan Samudio is an editorial intern who's interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.


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