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Top 10 TikTok Songs

By Livan Samudio

Since the pandemic, TikTok has risen in popularity. With most of the world in quarantine, people have found amusement through their ‘for you page’ on TikTok or through making amusing or engaging videos of themselves for others to see. Many videos will become viral or start trending with the help of accompanying music. Here are the top 10 TikTok songs of the year on TikTok based off of my TikTok ‘for you page’.

1. Body by Megan Thee Stallion - If you are on TikTok then you are bound to have heard the trending song by Megan Thee Stallion, Body. I marked this song as number one because it blew up on TikTok since the release at the end of November. Since then, TikTok users have been trending doing a choreographed dance to the song.

2. 34+35 by Ariana Grande - This song, along with other of her songs from her new album, started trending on TikTok at the release. Many TikTok users used this song to post the trend of sending Grande’s risky song lyrics to their significant other, crush, or best friend.

3. Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish - Eilish released this single on November 12. In the song, she sings “I think,, therefore I am.” and then cuts to her saying “Stop, what the hell are you talking about. Get my pretty name out of your mouth.” TikTok users instantly started using this part of the song to create various TikTok. Many trending TikToks included users including their own voice saying the lyrics “Stop, what the hell are you talking about.”

4. Jenny by Studio Killers - This song is about someone confessing their love to their best friend.This song took off on a similar trend like Grande’s 34 + 35. TikTok users would use these lyrics in parts to send snapchats to their friend to get a reaction or to actually confess their love and post the results on TikTok. The lyrics are “Jenny, darling, you're my best friend. But there's a few things that you don't know of. Why I borrow your lipstick so often. I'm using your shirt as a pillow case. I wanna ruin our friendship. We should be lovers instead. I don't know how to say this. ‘Cause you're really my dearest friend”

5. What We Doin’ by City Girls - This song was released back in 2018 but has been circulating TikTok all year and is still trending. Many TikTok users use this song for a variety of TikTok ranging from comedic videos to recreation videos.

6. Night Trouble by Petit Biscuit - This song is a slower song compared to the others on this list. Typically associated with sad or more serious videos, this song is used by many users on TikTok. Some users even use this song to dramatize an insignificant or random event or occasion in their life.

7. Overwhelmed by Royal & the Serpent - Similar to the ‘Oh no” trend on TikTok, this song sings about being overwhelmed. TikTok users have been using the section of the song where it goes, “I get overwhelmed so easily. My anxiety creeps inside of me, Makes it hard to breathe. What's come over me. Feels like I'm somebody else”. Many users have used it to record their reactions to how listening to the lyrics make you feel. Commonly on users' pages that view TikToks having to do with mental or personality disorders.

8. How Bizarre by OMC - This song started trending on TikTok for me within the last month of two. This song is in the top 10 list for how many users have used the song for it’s specific lyrics “How bizzare”. There isn’t a specific trend with this song but many TikTok users have used it for comedic TikToks varying in topics.

9. Dancing In My Room by 347aidan - Similar to What We Doin’, this song has been circulating TikTok for quite some time. The part of the song that is trending on TikTok goes “I been dancing in my room, Swaying my feet. Tryna give you love and a kiss on the cheek.” Also not having a specific trend, users use the song for a variety of different TikToks.

10. Love Me Later by Natasha Mosley - Last but not least, this song was released back in 2015. TikTok took the Moseley’s lyrics “And I tried my best to hold you down but you wouldn’t be still. So I guess I’m left to be. The one with the rest of me. Cause you took the best of me. Without even asking me.” Like these last few songs, there is no specific trend associated with this TikTok.

Livan Samudio is an editorial intern who's interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.


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