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‘Tis The Season To Update Your Skincare Routine

By: Jennah Owda

The winter weather can be harsh against our skin. To prevent dryness, here are 5 tips according to an esthetician on how to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during the colder seasons.

Switching Your Moisturizing Lotion For a Moisturizing Cream

Due to its thick consistency, cream-based moisturizers are great at retaining moisture. An affordable moisturizer that is dermatologist-approved is the Cerave moisturizing cream. Cerave is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it’s fragrance-free! A high-end moisturizer that is esthetician-approved is the lightweight water cream moisturizer by Tatcha.

Non-Alcoholic Toners

Because of the misconception that toners make our skin dry, most people tend to cut them out of their skincare routine. This misconception comes from the fact that many toners, like witch hazel, consist of a high percentage of alcohol. Toners help restore our pH balance while also removing leftover gunk our makeup removers missed. Instead of completely cutting toners out of our skincare routines, use an alcohol-free toner like COSRX Centella Water.

Humidifiers and Facial Steamers

Sleeping with a humidifier is key when wanting to add moisture back into your skin. This step is not meant to replace your daily moisturizing cream. If you're someone with oily skin, the thought of sleeping with something that will make your skin even glossier may sound unappealing, but moisturizing can actually help reduce oily skin. Steaming your face can be beneficial for your skin if done correctly. Facial steamers help open up pores which then allows your cleansers and toners to do their job. My favorite steamer is the Lonove facial steamer that also comes with a deep cleaning kit.


Koreans are notorious for their smooth, bright, and wrinkle free skin, which is why it comes to no surprise that slugging originates from a Korean skincare trend. Slugging is the process of spreading petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline or Aquaphor, onto your face to retain the moisture and products used during your night time skincare regime. The beneficial outcomes of slugging include healing eczema, waking up with smooth skin, and keeping your moisture barrier intact.


Although the sun may not be blazing and it may not be 90 degrees, your skin still needs protection. Wearing sunscreen in the winter is as important as wearing it in the summer. Sunscreen is also known to have some of the best anti-aging properties, so it’s important to use it all year round. An effective white cast-free sunscreen is the Black Girl sunscreen and the Fenty Skin Hydra Visor.

With all the advice and tips given, do what you think is best for your skin. Everyone’s skin type is different and may call for a different method of hydration. If you find yourself lacking motivation to get out of bed, at least wash your face and use a moisturizer. To help gain motivation, I like to treat my skincare regime like it’s an everyday spa day. Turn on your favorite show or play your favorite album to help you get in the mood!


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