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Tips On How To Grow Your Instagram

By: Jennah Owda

Becoming an influencer is not as impossible as it used to be. There is no shame in wanting to grow your following and become an Insta baddie! Here are some tips to help grow your Instagram.


It may seem pretty obvious, but using hashtags is a great way to get Instagram users to interact with your posts! By using hashtags, you have a higher chance of landing on the explorer page, which then will increase the number amount of likes on your posts and reach your target audience. will help you land on your specific audiences page.

Connect your socials

Connecting your Instagram account to your Twitter account and your Pinterest account will make your following skyrocket. Once you have linked your accounts, every time you post on Instagram, your pictures will immediately be posted on Pinterest and Twitter. This will give your posts two times more of a chance to be shared, liked, and saved!

Join an Instagram hype group

An Instagram hype group is one of the many creations Tik Tokers have come up with to help each other grow on Instagram. You can be added to a hype group by simply commenting on your Instagram handle under a Tik Tok that is asking who wants to be a part of a group chat where they all support each other's posts. These groups can have as many as 20 Instagramers looking to share, like, and save your posts so that your Instagram can grow! When they share your posts onto their story, their followers have a chance of clicking on your page, possibly liking your posts, and even following you!

Hop on trends

Whenever anyone promotes their Instagram, for some reason, it feels a bit cringy to our generation., but there are ways to promote without being cringy, and the best way to do that is through Tik Tok trends. There are multiple trends on Tik Tok that consist of simply sharing your photos to the beat of a trendy song., and in the caption, be sure to write your Instagram handle, because if people like what they see on Tik Tok, they are more than likely going to become a new follower on Instagram. You can also add your handle in your TikTok bio!


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