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TikTok Healthy Habits

By Sophie Wells

If there’s one idea that has spread throughout the course of 2020’s many endeavors; it’s the journey to self-health, both mentally and physically. From daily diets and exercise, to stretches and workouts that will help you shed some pounds, we’ve seen it all. These tips and tricks have especially been spread through the wildly popular and growing app, TikTok.

In terms of physical self-improvement, users have created various inspiring trends. One of my personal favorites is showing the difference in your body, skin, etc. from start-to-finish, after working out and bettering yourself for a certain amount of time. While some do it for two weeks and others do it for six months, it doesn’t matter; seeing the results of their hard work is extremely empowering, and has inspired so many to start the journey.

Other videos that have become common include people’s favorite workout routines for different areas of the body (abs, booty, arms, legs, etc.), stretches that are helpful to the mind and body, and settings to use on a treadmill in order to burn the most calories. While all of these videos are incredibly helpful for hundreds of people, it is extremely important to keep in mind that a weight loss journey is different for every single person. It is always going to look and feel different for individuals, but pushing through those hard days and working to make yourself feel better is always worth it in the end. As long as you do these workouts in the most healthy way and remember that it takes TIME to reach your goals, I encourage everyone to take a look at these helpful TikToks.

One user, in particular, made a huge impact on me as I was scrolling through my feed one day. As she was dancing around in one of her inspirational workout videos, @jennyjfitness said, “Workouts should be FUN and something you enjoy. If you don’t like the workout you’re doing, you’ll never stick to it! There is no SINGLE way to get fit and lose weight. It’s all about CONSISTENCY and making fitness a LIFESTYLE.” This is something I think everyone should remember, no matter how far along you are in your journey of personal growth. Go easy on yourself and find routines that work for you.

On the other side of TikTok’s helpful advice, we have mental health awareness. In my opinion, like all social media, this app can bring people even further anxiety than they already have. Censoring all of the bad things on the internet is nearly impossible, so, of course, you’re going to see some upsetting things on TikTok if you’re on it long enough. However, there is an incredibly uplifting side to it, as well.

One of the trends that I deeply admire is users informing the world of what panic attacks look like and how to help stop them as fast as possible. If you have anxiety, you know how terrible and crippling panic attacks are. By spreading these psychological tricks to calm anxiety, I feel as though many people have benefited. For example, user @ericbzink created a video explaining how dumping a salt packet on your tongue when you feel a panic attack coming on will distract your brain and help you recover faster. Other helpful trends related to mental health include calming ASMR videos, people connecting with one another over habits they’ve made due to their anxiety, songs that will help ease your mind, and much more.

Overall, I feel it’s important to remember that everyone is different in their own beautiful way, everyone has to fight their own battles, and therefore, everyone’s self-health journey is going to be different. If we all come together through apps like TikTok, spread kindness, and offer help to those in need, this world will become that much more amazing.

Sophie Wells is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, cooking, and entertainment.


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