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Sustainable Summer Dress Brands 101

By Claire Martindale

An elegant sundress is an undebatable staple in the majority of wardrobes everywhere. With dainty prints, lightweight fabrics and varying lengths and fits, you will have no problem finding the perfect summer dress to embrace your femininity and the sunshine at the same time! The following high-quality and beloved dress labels are sure to offer you some beautiful and sustainable pieces that will last you both the summer and beyond:

For Love & Lemons This Los Angeles based fashion brand was established in 1996 to provide enchanting, high-quality clothing pieces for the everyday women. The company is 100% lady-led with values of diversity, transparency and sustainability in its practices and procedures. With For Love & Lemon’s design vision of “a sun-soaked day at a lemonade stand,” it is no surprise that the brand offers plenty of bright, floral and unmistakably girly dresses to suit your fancy.

Faithfull the Brand The brand's gorgeous dresses are made with the thought of practicality for both travel and home at mind. Faithfull offers an array of pieces with vintage prints and cuts made from quality materials, designed and manufactured with both versatility and style. All garment production takes place in Bali with a focus on improving local communities through free-trade and the encouragement of ethical hand-made creation practices. Be sure to leave some space in your wardrobe for the cult-favorite Zinna Mini Dress.

Réalisation Paris a dress brand that promotes all things femininity and women empowerment with a range of unique and chic frocks. The brand is known for creating and launching individual pieces as opposed to extensive collections for a personal feel—they cater to the single women rather than the masses. Why shop Réalisation Par? All garments are made from biodegradable specialized silk, which isbeneficial to the environment.

Rat & Boa is a favorite dress retailer among celebrities and influencers, for example the head-turning Valentina Dress as seen on Kylie Jenner. This fashion brand was founded in London, England in 2015 by fellow fashion students Valentina Mutoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett, with an emphasis on women empowerment through edgy and timeless pieces to last a lifetime.

Be sure to consider these ethical, feminist and chic designers for your next summer dress!

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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