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Sunstone Crystals

by Nicole Iuzzolino

Who wouldn’t want to channel the star at the center of the universe?

The sun creates life, tans our skin and burns it, and brings warmth to the ground we walk upon every day. When the sun is out, serotonin is increased, boosting moods instantly, allowing one to feel more centered in their day-to-day life.

While you can’t go and take a piece of the sun yourself, there are ways to get in touch with the energy it radiates: through the Sunstone crystal.

The Sunstone crystal is a feldspar crystal, a crystal that is relatively rare and used in ceramics and glassmaking. The crystal contains Hematite and Goethite, which allows the stone to create different beams of light, like the sunrays. The crystal appears to be translucent, with hints of bronze, orange, yellow, and gold reflecting through the stone, exuding a sense of warmth.

The warmth and light that is believed to consume the stone was supposedly used by the Vikings in Norway as a compass through the murky waters. The Sunstone was also stated to be a healer in Native American culture, and the ancient Greeks believed it came from the sun god directly.

The Sunstone crystal’s goal is to ignite passion, steer you away from the path of boredom, and lead you on an adventurous journey of light and positivity. The crystal seeks to fill every dark crevice in your life with warmth and heal old wounds of the past. As the sun is the most powerful source of light, connecting to the energy of the sun through the stone can only increase happiness and positivity in one's life.

There are multiple ways the Sunstone can be utilized to channel the sun's energy. You can opt to wear the stone on you as jewelry, to channel the sun as much as possible. So, when you are getting carried away in the stresses of work or overworking, this crystal will make you feel more centered and at peace throughout your day. It’ll motivate you to find happiness throughout the day, even if it is just that bit of sun. The stone can be worn as a ring, as a bracelet, and a pendant necklace, the closest way to the soul.

You can also just carry the Sunstone crystal with you in your pocket or your bag. Just holding it in your hands throughout the day can make you feel that any obstacle in your way is beatable and can be mastered if your heart's in it. If the stone is utilized in a positive environment, its connection to the sun and its energy is even greater.

If your life seems to be in a dark and dreary pit stop, acquiring the Sunstone can only improve it, leading you into a path of light, happiness, and peace.


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