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Social Media Trends of the Week: July 6: TikTok Trends

By Skye Cross

Unlike any other platform, TikTok has the ability to make a product go viral within days of a user posting a video. Whether we buy the random products that we never knew we needed or not, it’s a great way to find things you may have never heard of before. This week we will discuss some of the products that have gone viral around the world because of their exposure on TikTok.

The first product is the infamous lights that almost all the popular TikTokers and influencers have in their room this year. The LED light stripes have been popular for several years—however, galaxy lights are something that we are starting to see upgrade people’s rooms to the next level. You can use these projectors to light up your room, your car or any space that you feel the lighting needs a bit of improvement. You can get your own starry projector on Amazon for under $20.

The beauty community of TikTok has been raving about the difference in your skin care while using a silicone brush. You can buy a pack of two from Amazon for only $4.50. What’s so great about using a silicone brush? Bacteria on your hands can often lead to more breakouts, even if you are continuing a regular skincare routine. The brush is easy to clean so you can ensure it is completely germ free before applying anything to your face. Especially in times like today, making sure we take extra precautions to ensure cleanliness is always crucial.

A skincare product that has been circling around TikTok recently are the Hero Mighty Patches. These patches are available on Amazon for $11.88 for a package of 36. Apply these patches to any active breakouts you have and when you remove it in the morning, you will see that the patches remove any of the dirt stuck in your pores. This product is shown to work just as well as some high-end products that are multiple times the price.

Have room in your bathroom for a fridge? As skin care continues to become a more prominent feature in the world’s beauty routines, people are learning more about what it means to get the most out of your skincare products. Studies show that certain products such as serums or creams are more effective and last longer when they’re stored in cold temperatures. TikTok creators from around the world have shown off their personalized beauty fridges and explain what they choose to keep in there. The prices range on these fridges anywhere from around $90 to $300 depending on where you decide to purchase and also how much room you are looking to have.

Lastly, a life changing product for men and women around the world is the Magic Platinum Shaving Powder which is available on Amazon for $22. When you mix this powder, it forms a paste-like substance that you simply apply to any area with hair you would like to remove and wipe away after ten minutes to find a smooth surface. This is the next best thing to waxing and there will be no need to worry about annoying razor bumps.

TikTok has helped to make so many products we have all seen evolve into some of the most popular products on the market today. It is amazing that we are able to have a platform where users are able to share some of their hidden gems that make life so much easier. With so many things to try, what is going to be your next TikTok impulse purchase?

Skye Cross is an Editorial and Marketing Intern who specializes in writing pieces related to beauty, current trends in media, and social equality.


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