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Sad Girl Autumn Playlist

by Jennah Owda

It’s officially cuffing season, which means most of us feel lonely as ever. As couples flood our Instagram timelines and TikTok “For You” pages, the autumn weather can become less enjoyable, but thanks to Adele’s and Taylor Swift’s new albums, “30” and “Red (Taylor’s Version),” cuffing season has become bearable. If you have yet to listen to either of these albums, here are a few songs to scream along to in your car!

“Cry Your Heart Out”- 30

Crying is quite literally therapeutic, and what better way is there to cry than having Adele encouraging you to do so. The song that contains an upbeat rhythm and harmonization full of soul is also packed with heavy lyrics that we all have felt at some point. With the weather getting colder and some of us experiencing seasonal depression, the “idea of facin’ the day” can be frightening, but as Adele says, “cry[ing] your heart out”' will “clean your face.” Sometimes all we need to do is decompress, and the best way to do that at times is to cry to a great song.

“All Too Well” - Red (Taylor’s Version)

Having to recognize a relationship is toxic is a hard pill to swallow, especially when so much love and time went into it. Swift’s new album captures the difficulty of a relationship that “felt like home” but sadly “got lost in translation.” Whether you decompress while aimlessly driving or journaling, the 10-minute song, “All Too Well,” is the perfect song for your times of self-reflection.

“My Little Love” - 30

Being a mother is a full-time job that is impossible to prepare for. No matter how many parenting books are read or classes taken, mothers still feel lost at times. Adele addresses the guilt she feels about her shortcomings as a single mom in her song, “My Little Love.” The R&B lullaby dedicated to her 9-year-old son Angelo features a heartfelt conversation between the two where Adele comforts her son, “You know mummy doesn't like anyone else like I like you, right?” The song serves as a reminder to all moms, including herself, that it is okay to have “big feelings” that make you “feel a bit confused.”

“I Bet You Think About Me” - Red (Taylor’s Version)

Feeling like you aren’t enough is common, especially in your 20s. Surrounded by friends or a relationship where no one seems to understand what you're going through is tough, but Swift understands exactly what you're going through. In her three-year-long relationship with not-so-liked Jake Gyllenhaal, Swift felt like she never fitted into Gyllenhaal's “silver-spoon gated community,” especially since she “was raised on a farm.” Swift’s song is a wake-up call to anyone who finds themselves changing who they are for someone who can’t accept the real them.

“To Be Loved” - Adele 30

The cliche saying “can’t love someone until you love yourself” proves to be true in Adele’s 11th track of her new album. The ballad starts off with a beautiful light piano introduction followed by her butter-like vocals. Learning to be independent before being dependent on someone else is key in a relationship. While it is okay and necessary to have people you can lean on, it is also just as necessary to be able to love yourself and depend on yourself. Adele speaks volumes on the difficulty of losing the things you “can’t live without,” but it is a must.


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