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NYFW: S/S21 Best Looks

By Gina Brogna

This year, New York Fashion Week looked a little bit different given pandemic restriction circumstances. With a blend of exclusive, in-person viewings, and live digital steamings, NYFW was still a success nonetheless. These are some of NYFW’s best-featured looks for Spring/Summer 2021:

Floral Prints & Patterns

Marchesa Couture

This collection was inspired by fantasy tropical islands intertwined with romantic, effortlessly glamorous looks. Nothing says fantasies and romance like beautiful flowers, which is seen here perfectly placed throughout this gown. The bold, bright Fuschia blended with subtle lavenders and leafy greens make this dress the ultimate island fantasy.

Ulla Johnson

This dress features a pattern of lavender and apricot tone flowers with dark greens throughout. The structure of this dress from the fitted bodice to the cascading, ruffled layers makes for a beautifully flattering look on almost any body type. The incorporation of these different colors on this elegant silhouette is an unforgettable piece.

Anna Sui

This collection is inspired by the comfort and relaxation of being at home due to our world’s current circumstances, this dress embodies this homey feeling. This delicate and flowy silhouette features simple but elegant flower details throughout. This dress gives an effortless and whimsical effect that is sure to stay a timeless piece.

Feather Fringe

Marchesa Couture

This showstopper gown hugs the body in all the right places. This gown features a beautiful feather fringe that flows perfectly down the dress, as well as the same feather details along with the shawl. The shawl has a beautiful, flowy drape that tops this look off perfectly. The feather detailing is not excessive, and has just the right amount, building as it goes down. From the same collection that gave us tropical, romantic fantasies, this gown says romance all over.

Dennis Basso

This gown looks like something out of a fairytale. The blush tone is consistent throughout the dress, featuring intricate details along the bodice with the feathered fringe being the star of the show with this look. The collection drew inspiration from flowered gardens, feelings of freedom, and patio gatherings celebrating a special moment. This gown is truly fit for a princess, perfectly aligning with the whimsical imaginations the collection aimed to portray.

Badgley Mischka

This mid-length dress is a head-turner with this hot pink tone. The extravagantly fringed detail from arm to arm, crossing over the shoulders and neckline with the rest of the dress a solid color adds the perfect amount of detail to make this dress pop. This collection was described as inspired by “places we have never been”, and to envision a feel of a lounge, “dinner at Eight” vibe. This dress captures this feeling perfectly, giving us a high class, cocktail party-ready look.

Puffed Shoulders


This collection is inspired by flowers (a very popular theme throughout the NYFW show) and freedom, this dress captures this aura and gives us a very unique, fun style. The miniature length of the dress highlights the legs making them a focal point, and brings us back to the focus of the dress with the puffed shoulders for a perfect balance of fabric and exposed skin. The black and white tones are an excellent combo with the shoulders, as the simple colors do not take away from the shoulder. This mini dress is a perfect balance of simple yet flashy, and classy yet sexy.

Badgley Mischka

From the same collection featured in feathered fringe with looks drawn from the inspiration of places we have never been, these dresses truly have a stunning design concept and delivery. The mid-length of the dress gives us sophistication and elegance, while the shoulders give us a bold addition to the look. The floral and paisley combo pattern featuring subtle stripe detail is an unusually paired design but is pulled off in this look wonderfully.

Bibhu Mohapatra

This collection was inspired by artist Amrita Sher-Gil and her Indian spirit she expressed through her paintings. This dress looks right out of a painting, being a true piece of art in a fashion sense. The puffed shoulders begin to pour over the chest, making these the focal point of the entire look. The dress then changes to a lace-like material, showing off sheerness for the legs to catch your attention. The yellow-green tone of the dress is unlike the other pieces mentioned but is the perfect color for this look.


Equal Hands

The Explorer Collection by Equal hands uses all sustainable methods to their unique designs. The line uses upcycled, gently worn materials to recreate new looks, while keeping the original stitching of the garments where possible, hoping to show that sustainable doesn’t have to look boring. This jacket top is a subtle approach to the patchwork style, which adds the perfect amount of detail to the look without looking too busy. The earthy, neutral tones are consistent with the goal of the line and make for a very flattering piece.

Snow Xue Gao

This collection is quite interesting, heavily featuring patchwork designs in most of the looks shown. The collection hopes to give off feelings of relaxation and casualness, in which this look captures. The style of this collection is unusual and unique. This look shows a top with opposites colliding, with a cascade of material flowing down from the waist, matching the details of the sleeves. The floral pattern is featured again as with many different designers and adds a perfect touch to this unusually intriguing look.

Who Decides War

The “A Still Small Voice Collection” aims to give us the unexpected. This look is unique with an all-denim patchwork design, varying in different washes/tones with weathered fringe on both the hat and pants. The fringe on both the hat and pants gives off an imperfectly perfect, worn-out vibe paired with a clean-cut, buttoned top. The contrasts of this with all denim gives us an unexpectedly complimenting look.

Beautiful Blues

Naeem Khan

This dress had to make it to this list because the boldness and power this design gives is incredible. This collection is all about creativity, expression, and feelings of being the star on the dance floor. This dress is the epitome of all three, with the beautifully draped flow falling from the shoulders, down the back to the floor to the sky blue color. This elegant dress is fit for a Goddess.

Dur Doux

This collection draws inspiration from exotic places and attending 5-star events. This super fun look is the perfect blend from the color to the floral appliques. This aquamarine blue color is eccentric and catches the eye right away, while the appliques give both the coat top and skirt a beautiful, luxurious texture. The lesser material allowing for exposed skin is a sexy, fun touch while still being fit for a 5-star event.

Vivienne Hu

If anything is going to define classy and sexy, it’s going to be this dress. With an emphasis on femininity, relaxation, with an intertwined luxury for the goal of this collection, this dress hits every point. The silhouette hugs the body just enough, while still having just a little loose fit to emphasize the feminine aspect and relaxation. The luxurious silky fabric dresses this piece up to the designer feel while featuring a sheer midriff. This dress leaves it to the imagination, with just the right amount of sneak peek in this stunning blue tone.

While there were so many stunning designs featured that tell all different, amazing stories, these were some of the best looks that not only looked beautiful, but each one was able to depict the story of their collections. NYFW was pulled together through a mix of in-person and virtual releases and still made for a fantastic show. Fashion is an unstoppable force, and the show must go on.

Gina Brogna is an editorial writer who specializes in fashion and beauty trends as well as fashion event coverage.


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