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New Age TikTokers

By Jaclyn Lupo

As an over-thinking Virgo, it’s clear there’s a great amount of comfort in learning to trust the universe. To be honest, I’m stressed out of my mind right now. No joke. This week was a full moon and quite literally fires were to every aspect of my life. In short, my significant other accused me of cheating, ending our relationship, and my knee injury resurfaced after 2 years of being perfectly fine. It could just be an overload of bad karma, but the oracle says otherwise.

So, how do you cope with a breakup while being couch-bound?

Tik Tok. Well, specifically all that astrology content on the app that saved 2020. There’s nothing like doing a little bit of soul searching with the stars when your life seems to be falling apart. From horoscopes to tarot cards, to crystals, there are endless amounts of information to be learned.

The major theme here, and for the whole year: Just keep scrolling and it will all be okay…

Here are some of the top new age TikTokers you NEED to check out.

1. @marenaltman

Maren Altman is a goddess. Her cool-girl witchy vibes are so aesthetically pleasing. She educates her viewers on astrology while keeping a fun lighthearted environment. Honestly, I learned more from binge-watching her videos than I did all of high school. She explains misconceptions about the Age of Aquarius, updates us on the whereabouts of the planets, and gives accurate representations of the signs during hilarious situations.

2. @taymikthesciencechick

Taya has a great personality, to say the least, and warns us to never mess with our witchy friends. She calls out the signs, asking thought-provoking questions that can’t help but make you reflect on yourself and everyone you know. Oh, and Taya, to answer one of your more recent questions, we Virgos don’t get tired of “hating” everything, we find being overly critical quite entertaining.

3. @hannahhennigar

This queen tells us all we need to know about our zodiac signs. She tells us which zodiac signs are the best liars (spoiler alert, it’s Scorpios!) and even analyzes which types of clothes each sign prefers to wear. No doubt you’ll learn a lot about yourself when you dive into Hannah’s amazing content.

4. @official_bianca

Bianca’s got all the deets on relationship pairings. If you want to know if you and your new bae are compatible, she’ll tell you. All of her information is based on her research, so it’s legit… which is both fascinating and concerning, especially if you’ve found yourself tangled up with an incompatible human.

5. @melxdieofficial

Melodie possesses this total boss babe persona. She’s the queen witch, and addicting to watch. This is the one-stop-shop for all things zodiac-related. She even shares which planets rule each horoscope, and tells us the emotions associated with each. It’s a little bit of science mixed with a lot of fun. Talk about awesome and informative content.

6. @remi_ri

You need to watch Remi’s videos about zodiac signs on their wedding days. It’s so accurate… I will be inviting less than 100 people to my reception even though I’ve been planning it for years (and I’m not even engaged LOL). If one thing is true it’s that the stars are never wrong.

7. @thevenusvision

Emma specializes in astrology regarding love and relationships. Her content features tarot readings, done weekly for all the signs. It’s a great place to go if you’re feeling like you need some spiritual guidance and reassurance. She’s a trustworthy source, and extremely informative. Seeking reassurance about your love (or lack of love) life? This is the channel to turn to.

8. @aaarantzaaa

Arantza is a beautiful personality that’s equally hilarious and intellectual! Her videos have me laughing out loud, and constantly reflecting on my own experiences with signs. Her content is fresh, with unique representations of each horoscope daily.

Sorry for feeding your TikTok addiction further…

There’s so much information about ourselves hidden within the universe that these lovely ladies are helping us discover, and make sense of everything around us. It’s been quite an interesting year, why not have a little faith in the stars?

Jaclyn Lupo is an editorial writer passionate about fashion, sustainability and culture.


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