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New Age Gifts

By. Wendy Davila

We have finally entered the Age of Aquarius, which will ring in truth, the expansion of consciousness, and following one’s destiny. Starting 2021, the stars predict we will reach our highest potential, but in order to do so, it can’t hurt to have a few items along the way. Here are new-age gift ideas that are either for your loved ones or yourself because we can’t forget that gift-giving is a form of self-care and self-love.

1. The Crystal Gift Set

Crystals and gemstones are truly nature’s gifts with many different healing properties. Their qualities range from self-love, protection from negative energy, and increased confidence. If you are starting your journey and are in need of crystals, there are many shops on Etsy that specialize in creating a “Healing stones gift set.” AUREMORE, a seller on Etsy, creates sets designed to help people dip their toes into the crystal world. The seller even has themed sets for mental clarity, stress relief, negative energy repelling, and now. These kinds of sets are perfect for learning and growing within the world of healing crystals.

“Crystal Healing Kit” by AURAMORE on Etsy

2. Wellness Journal

Manifestation is on the rise; we’ve finally realized that our inner power is something truly magical. That said, nothing in life comes easy and journaling our experiences and emotions is essential. A wellness journal provides the space to write down anything you need to free yourself from. What is so special are the helpful prompts, including “What is one thing you are grateful for?”, “How is your mindset today?”, and “What was the lesson learned today.” They provide a space to reflect upon the day and how we can do better for ourselves and each other. We all have our ups and downs and these journals document just how far we have come.

"Mindset Journal" by loveismyprotestco on Etsy

3. Meditation Pillow

Throughout the day, it’s important to give yourself some time for mindfulness, and the perfect place to do that is on a meditation pillow. Yes, mediation can be done anywhere even in a car, but it is even better when you start creating a space for it. You start to associate that “you time” as special time. A meditation pillow is even helpful for journaling or reading a book, and it helps ensure that your posture is in tip top-shape. Meditation pillows can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and even in your local metaphysical store.

Meditation Cushion by PureChakraCo. on Etsy

4. Tarot and Oracle Cards

Reading about your future can be daunting for some, but for others, it can be intriguing. Tarot and Oracle cards are an excellent gift for those who seek answers and guidance. Both decks can be used together; while it's ultimately up to the reader, Oracle cards are the main event while tarot cards are the backup dancers and give more details about the reading itself. It’s important to learn about each card and the reasons it can appear in your reading. For example, the most feared card is Death, but when translated, the card usually refers to the end of a cycle or habit. There are many different decks with intricate art so choose what best resonates with you.

"The Antique Anatomy Tarot Kit" by Claire Goodchild from Urban Outfitters

5. The Evil Eye

We all need extra protection from those who give us the evil eye and all of the negative energy that comes with it. The evil eye originates from Greece but is used within many cultures and religions. This symbol has become a “trend” and unfortunately, an aesthetic, but it should be worn for appreciation, not appropriation. If worn with intention, you will enjoy the benefits it offers. Some wear the evil eye on a bracelet, necklace, earrings, ring, or even have it as house decor to warn away all negative entities.

Evil Eye Bracelet by EvileyeFavorSupplies on Etsy

6. Candles with Intentions

Candles are a staple for any household; they work as decoration and keep the air smelling fresh and clean. Now, candles are made with intentions; the artisan places crystals inside the candle to enhance its function. Color also has a lot of meaning, and depending on the color, the candle will embody a mood and purpose.

Amethyst Hidden Crystal Lavender Soy Wax Candle on

7. Books, books, and more books

Much of spirituality derives from religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism and even from Indigenous practices. This information has become westernized over time and spirituality now refers to a melting pop of all these beautiful beliefs and cultures. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on these topics and learn from the source itself. Books such as The Four Agreements, The Bhagavad Gita, and Buddhism without Beliefs are just a few that are definite eye-openers. Books on topics like how to pull decks from a tarot set and the healing properties of crystals are also very beneficial for anyone wanting to begin or deepen their spiritual practice.

"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz from Amazon

8. Salt Lamps are a Must

Most of us can’t meditate in the dark without falling asleep, and others can’t with daylight because it can be too bright. The perfect solution is a salt lamp because the light is dim enough to enhance your calm, meditative state. The benefit of a salt lamp in your room is due to electromagnetic radiation, which purifies the air. Perfect for any space, salt lamps are just what you need to feel cool, calm, and collected.

The new-age is intertwined with divine hopes and dreams. At least, that’s what the energy in the air feels like. All of these gifts are meant to create a safe space for you to evolve into the person you envision to be.

Himalayan Salt Lamp by SpartanburgSaltCave on Etsy

Wendy Davila is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things environment, sustainability and arts and culture.


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