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Navigating The COVID Campus: Surviving Online School in the New Normal

By Claire Martindale

COVID-19 has changed many things, university life being one of them—meaning the vast majority of courses will go online this fall for the safety of students and faculty. Despite the downsides of missing a homecoming football game, crazy nights out with your friends or late night talks with your roommates, we can take this time to learn valuable lessons about self discipline, organization and adapting to change. Here are some pro-tips for an online semester I will be utilizing in the coming months to get the most out of my courses while maybe even learning a life lesson or two in the process.

Stay Motivated and Organized

This one goes without saying. Organization and motivation are the keys to success in a post-educational setting, whether it be from the computer or classroom. It is no secret that regular college already requires a great deal of organization in numerous aspects to succeed. However, virtual learning environments come with the extra struggles of the lack of classmates and routines to remind you of when assignments and midterms are approaching. Consequently, a lack of routine results in a lack of organization, thus why it is especially important to keep yourself organized. Try color-coding notebooks and investing in a wall calendar to see the big picture for when assignments are due. Another personal strategy of mine to stay organized and motivated during online school is setting aside a designated study space in my home.

Personally, for my first few assignments in online school, it felt as if the class wasn’t actually “real” so it was easy to procrastinate on course work since all lectures took place in the comfort of my bedroom. To keep yourself in study mode consider setting up a special corner in your room or house that is designated for course work, such as an office or a living room—but be sure to keep all distractions like your cellphone far from reach as well!

Form COVID-Safe Connections

Despite the limitations of online school, it’s important to continue to practice self care in the form of socialization. Safely reaching out to those in your school and professional and personal networks is a great way to keep up a sense of normalcy and maintain your mental health during these unprecedented times. Try reaching out to friends via Zoom dates and spending time with family and friends in your bubble through socially distanced picnics and hikes. Keeping up with social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram is another great option to maintain social connection safely while even forming new ones in the process.

Do you have any advice for those doing online school for the first time? Or personal experiences surrounding the topic? Let us know in the comments below!

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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