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Mathews Food & Drink

By Aida Toro

With holiday parties taking place week after week, drinks of all sorts are flowing throughout the room. During this season, you’ll have your fair share of the creamy and fun drinks on the sweet side, as well as the strong drinks that’ll keep you warm after leaving the celebration. Although these are the drinks the majority of individuals consume throughout the holiday season, and on a daily basis, many also want a glass of luxury in their hand. I don’t mean the Kentucky Derby Mint Julep that’s served in a Tiffany & Co. glass, but an affordable drink like the 80’s glam from Mathews Food & Drink.

Mathews Food & Drink is located in Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey and is owned by Mateusz Kopec. The locale opened its doors to the public in 2016 and provides guests with hometown vibes and luxury all in one. You’ll find tasty items on the menu along with an array of craft cocktails.

“Mathews is a special place because it feels like home, from our service to our food,” said Sherry Geck, Director of Operations for Mathews Food & Drink. “The way that each room has a different feel with different wallpapers and detailed masonry work makes Mathews an elegant and luxurious place.”

Even though all of the drinks at Mathews have their own personality and tastes, the 80’s Glam cocktail is the one that gifts patrons with luxury and excitement. Geck mentioned that the idea for the 80’s Glam cocktail arrived from Mathews’ Cocktail Consultant, Cody Goldstein. Goldstein is the Founder of Muddling Memories, a firm that assists event planners, restaurateurs, and hoteliers with providing their guests the experience of a lifetime.

“The 80’s Glam is elegant and luxurious because of the colorful edible glitter the foam is topped with,” said Geck.

This luxury of a cocktail contains Gin, Passion Fruit, Lime, Lavender, Foam, and Edible Glitter. To me, the drink tastes like so many things, all the way from a tropical fruit juice to a sour patch kid candy. With this being stated, I consider the 80’s Glam cocktail to be sweet and sour, which is great for those who don’t want to consume a beverage that’s too sweet, nor too dry. Of course, you cannot go wrong with the foam and the edible glitter Geck mentioned. And a little sparkle and glam never hurt anybody, especially during the holiday season.

“Food that would pair well with the 80's Glam, would be our burrata with figs, Meyer lemon, honey, pumpkin seeds, and pesto for an appetizer,” suggested Geck. “ For the main course, we suggest the Short Rib Ragu which has our freshly homemade Radiatori pasta, red wine braised short rib from Pat LaFrieda, chipotle roasted apples, and topped with Piave Vecchio cheese.”

A glamorous drink will always be paired with over the top food. If you’re ever in the tri-state area for this holiday season, make the trip to Jersey City and sip and eat the glamour away at Mathews Food & Drink.


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