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Instagram Trends of The Week: July 6-16

By Claire Martindale

A bi-weekly forecast of hot trends to watch out for the next time you are browsing Instagram.

Dad Sneakers

Remember when Fila Disruptor shoes were all the rage this time last year? You guessed it—”dad sneakers” are back once again but this time with a polished new look. Large, neutral and iconically chunky shoes have been the footwear of choice from many top Instagram influencers such as Madison Beer, Kelsey Calemine and even Hailey Beiber. These chunky, debatably “ugly shoes,” add the perfect eye-catching element to the everyday outfit and add balance to your figure through its large size and often platform soles.

Bra Top Crop Tops

Bra top crop tops have always been in style, but these past few weeks bra tops have come onto our Instagram feeds as a hot new replacement. These ultra-cropped fitted tops pair beautifully with cardigans of all cuts and colors and flannels. Bra tops also pair great with baggy sweatpants and high waisted jeans to flatter your figure, and when paired with a maxi skirt or trousers, complete a perfect night-out look.

Chunky Highlights

A notable beauty trend on Instagram these past few weeks has been influencers favoring chunky highlights over the once-coveted blended balayage. Unlike the balayage hair dying technique that results in a smooth, natural finish on your hair and roots, chunky highlights such as the ones of Dua Lipa give your mane a more eye catching look, while providing a retro-vibe to all of your outfits. If you are feeling extra adventurous this season, give these highlights a try on your next trip to the hair salon!

Tennis Skirts

The notable athleisure trend of the year has carried on in the form of tennis skirts. Mini, pleated skirts such as the iconic Nike Victory Women’s Tennis Skirt have dominated our feeds, often paired with matching shoes, visors and polo shirts. Pick up a tennis skirt at any major sportswear retailer and pair with some gold jewelry for a Princess Diana inspired getup.

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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