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How to Style the Latest Trends and Accessories

By Stephanie Lam

When it comes to embellishing an outfit, everyone has their go-to accessories. However, some items are so versatile, they are bound to be worn with more than one outfit. Here is advice on how to style three of the trendiest accessories of 2020.

1. Multicolored Handbags

People are embracing the vibrancy of multicolored handbags. The design of these bags is abstract and contains at least three complementary or contrasting colors. If you wanted to create a vivid outfit to match your colorful bag, try wearing zigzagged or cross-patterned shirts or pants. For a more sophisticated yet chic look, try wearing an outfit that is similar to the color palette of your bag.

2. Bucket Hats

Unlike caps and cowboy hats, bucket hats slope downwards and have a long loose rim. People’s eyes are barely visible when wearing bucket hats, making them appear seclusive. It’s the perfect hat to pair with large-framed sunglasses. The combination can make you look sharp while hiding any messy hair or tired eyes. You can get bucket hats in neutral tones, such as grey or nude, to wear with any color top or bottom. If you’re feeling bold, you can opt to get the hats in a camouflage print or another fabric material, like leather.

3. Chunky Gold Chains

When it comes to jewelry, 2020 has seen a plethora of large gold chains adorning people’s necks. These necklaces are shaped like rustic chains and twisted coils. You can pair the chain with an oversized sweater or shirt to give off an urban-chic vibe. If you want a more sophisticated look, wear a dark rollneck and layer the bulky chain with thinner ones. For those who want to experiment with a more daring and flashy style, try wearing tiger or zebra printed shirts.

4. Flowy Dresses with Combat Boots

Here is a trending outfit that is both fashionable and comfortable. Loose-fitting dresses give off a care-free aura to anyone who wears them. The designs come in all kinds of flattering patterns, colors and cuts. To make this dressy and femine look appear more casual, you can wear a pair of black combat boots. The sleekness of combat boots will make your dress pop out more in a crowd.

5. Faux Fur Coat

As fall approaches, faux fur coats are ideal pieces to have in your closet. Fur coats have always been popular, but this year people have seen unique ways to style faux fur. To achieve a sassy, Aubry-Hepburn-inspired look, try wearing an oversized fur sweater with dark leggings. For a less dramatic outfit, look for denim jacks that have faux fur sewn on the inner lining, collar and cuffs. Not only will this keep you warm, it will also add a bit of color and texture to your outfit.

Stephanie Lam is an editorial intern who likes finding unique ways to write about culture, fashion and lifestyle.


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