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How to Make Valentine’s Day a Day of Self Love

By. Michelle Diaz

As much as Valentine’s Day can be an exciting day for some, when you’re single it can feel bittersweet to watch other couples give each other gifts and wear their favorite outfits. The social pressure to flaunt your dating life can easily make you turn to chocolate and stay in your pajamas all day. Dark times indeed.

Personally, I’ve decided my pajama days are over. Whether I’m in a relationship or not, I don’t want to miss out on this holiday that we’ve associated with sweets and cute decorations since we exchanged Valentine’s grams in the 2nd grade.

Instead of looking in from the outside on Valentine’s, let’s date ourselves. Here are some ways to make Valentine’s Day a day dedicated to yourself and things that make you happy.

Put on Your Favorite Outfit

Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to color coordinate a red outfit with a red lip or put on that blazer you’ve been saving for a special occasion! A cute outfit is sure to make you feel confident and special. Wearing something that makes you feel poised instantly changes your outlook on the day ahead.

By. Aimee Song on Instagram

Self Photoshoot

If you love to experiment with makeup and fashion, Valentine’s Day can be a day to feel inspired by the pink and red palette and create your own editorial photoshoot.

Do a fun editorial-styled makeup look and put your camera or phone on a high surface or tripod, then set a self-timer.

Download a photo-editing application on your phone and get creative by adding a retro-glow or a grainy effect to the photo.

By. Orion Carloto on Instagram for Gucci

Give Yourself a Manicure

Whether you decide to do it at home or at a nail salon, nothing says time for yourself like a fresh manicure.

You can have a Valentine’s Day-inspired manicure with any red or pink polish (nail designs like the french tip and abstract patterns trending right now) or go all in and choose a fun, detailed Valentine’s Day design.

By. @BhamBNails on Instagram

By. @Thegelshack_ on Instagram

Watch a Feel-Good Movie

If you are a film lover, you can dedicate Valentine’s Day to getting comfortable and putting on a good movie. You can go in the route of an 80s Rom-Com like Can't Buy Me Love with a young Patrick Dempsey or go for a Baz Luhrman masterpiece like Moulin Rouge or The Great Gatsby.

There is no right or wrong way to spend Valentine’s Day when you are single, but it truly doesn’t need to be spent feeling left out or alone. Dedicate the day to loving yourself by doing things that make you happy.


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