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How Are Creatives Still Being Creative?

By Jess Bond

Within the past month, it seems as if we blinked our eyes and have been put into a real-life science fiction movie. Movie theaters, restaurants, and concert halls are all now closed, and it seems like all remnants of normalcy and happiness are flashing before our eyes.

Although it is easy to get into a deep funk about the state of the world because all our favorite things are seemingly cancelled, there is one thing that will never be cancelled CREATIVITY!

Photographers for Vogue Italia and i-D magazine have become trendsetters with FaceTime photoshoots. Photographer Brianna Capozzi did her editorial photoshoot for Vogue Italia with model Bella Hadid all through FaceTime.

In contrast, photographers Willy Vanderperre and Alastair McKimm for i-D magazine created the special project titled: Safe + Sound showcasing 19 models, including Bella Hadid’s sister, Gigi Hadid. Safe + Sound is not only a portfolio of some of the world’s top models but gives insight on how these models are living their day to day lives during the quarantine and, most importantly, how they are staying sane. Although it may seem like they are worlds apart, quarantine has brought them together in ways they have never thought possible.

Independent designers are continuously using e-commerce platforms such as Etsy to continue to push their creations to the public. The livelihood of independent designers and small brands are the most at risk during quarantine, especially with an indefinite extension of the stay at home order across the globe. And receiving funding to help stay afloat is extremely hard to come by; in many cases, non-existent. Custom made jewelry and handmade pieces to the latest collection are what designers are doing to help stay creative. It is not only a form of artistic expression but their livelihood.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone from all walks of life, in ways they never thought imaginable. Creativity is there for all of us, and it's going to help everyone get through this challenging time together.

“Art is something huge, and it goes over the human difficulties, over fears, over what is possible, and I transform in a disconcerting impossible.” - Alice Pagani


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