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Seattle's Secret Summit: A Birthday Bash or Fashion Empire in the Making?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

by Maude Maven, Haute Leaks

Ah, darlings, let’s uncork the champagne and set the rumors straight! While I, your trusted Maude Maven, was not physically present— anonymity is my prized possession—my reputable sources were abuzz with news of last night’s sumptuous affair. Nfm’s bewitching editor-in-chief celebrated her grand half-century at the sultry Bourbon Steak in downtown Seattle. But don’t be fooled—was this a birthday fête or a clandestine summit of Seattle’s fashion elite? With Ms. Swan at the helm of festivities, one can only speculate.

The setting was intimate, a private dining affair shielded from prying eyes, yet filled with a coterie of handpicked luminaries whose combined power could spark a sartorial revolution. The Bourbon Steak’s deliciously handsome manager ensured their glasses never emptied, while the staff—ah, crème de la crème—attended to their every whim.

From darkened private quarters, only laughter and murmurs escaped. Ah, the mystery! It should surprise none that the birthday girl fluttered away from the nest to paint the town red. Who were her companions, you ask? None other than Mr. S Oberoi of Saturn Social Club and Miss C Kioko of The Style Series! Whatever high-jinks ensued are locked in the vault of whispered secrets, for now.

Adding spice to this glamorous gathering was Ms. L Choi, former president of Fashion for Conservation. For now, on the Board of Trustees at the Rainier Club, LC managed to bring fresh blood into the institution while throwing fashion extravaganzas for noble causes. Now, she may be jumping ship to steer her talents towards a performing arts organization in Bellevue, but rest assured, her love for fashion still calls her back to the limelight.

And as if the stars aligned, a surprise twist—Mr. A Grover of the Seawolves and his lovely plus one graced the saturnalia. Now, what’s this? Word around the block is that AG, who once hosted Nfm’s Seahawks soirée, might be charting a course towards a future at Nfm. Ah, the plot thickens!

Curiously absent was Mr. K Yunker, Nfm’s hard-hitting COO. Though a linchpin in Nfm’s ascendant empire, his noticeable absence leaves us all wondering. Was it a night off for mysterious, undisclosed dealings or perhaps a sultry secret? Time will tell, my dears.

So there we have it, my darlings. In a room filled with such fashion-forward brilliance and potential, one must wonder: are we witnessing the birth of an empire? In the glamorous world of Maude Maven, that’s a story I’ll be keeping my eyes keenly on. 🥂


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