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The Delicious Drama of FashioNXT: Unveiling Portland's Fiercest Fashion Feuds

Ah, darlings, let your hair down pour yourselves another glass of that finest champagne—perhaps even two, for the details are even juicier than we'd previously dared to discuss! It seems our soiree of style has intricacies more alluring than the backseam of a pair of vintage Chanel stockings.

Firstly, let's give a standing ovation to Seattle's own cherished designers who showed at FashioNXT—Julie Danforth and GGY Collections. Ms. Danforth, your collection was simply divine—a tour de force, the epitome of your craft. GGY Collections, however, my loves, while we were titillated by your new designs, we couldn't help but notice a few ensembles reminiscent of past shows. A bit like déjà vu, but wrapped in silk and sequins. Intriguing, yet slightly underwhelming, n'est-ce pas?

SETHARRON, you celestial enigma, closed the show and elevated it to stratospheric heights. The man should be rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour, not gracing our humble Portland locale. Mondo Guerra's offering felt like an eccentric blend of Dali and Duchamp; it was as if activists gate-crashed a runway show—and we were absolutely living for it.

And how could we overlook the captivating Lordvan, Designs by Kamohoalii, and the ineffable Kelli McDonough? Kelli, you've surprised us with a collection that's a sublime equilibrium of haute couture and transcendent art. Colty & Taylor Snider of TCG graced the runway with leather ensembles so audaciously brazen they must be the talk of every leather bar from here to Hell's Kitchen.

Gutter Girl, you unexpected treasure, blended our much-beloved grunge culture of the Pacific Northwest with a dash of current-day panache—plaids and denims reinvented for 2023. Ah, and The Two L's—chic, sophisticated, and ready for a SoHo penthouse soiree or a brunch with the Real Housewives of "Bellevue."

Now, as for the longstanding tête-à-tête between Tito and Tod. Tod, you eternal saboteur, your determination to upend Tito is as enduring as that ancient letter that still clings to the Portland Fashion Week website, like an old love letter one can neither discard nor forget. Tito, on the other hand, may play the carefree impresario, but my quill tells me otherwise. For in the cavernous depths of his heart, he certainly minds Tod's incessant plotting. How dreadfully thrilling!

So, my sumptuous Seattleites and fabulous fashionistas, we've certainly got the stuff of legends here—a tale so intricately woven, it could only be penned by fate and Maude Maven. Let the quill continue to dance, for in this glorious world of fashion, notoriety remains our most intoxicating perfume. And don't worry, my loves, I have an endless supply of ink.

~ MM 🥂💋


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