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Granola Girl Aesthetic

by Katie Nalle

According to Urban Dictionary, a “Granola Girl” is defined as “A girl who doesn’t wear a bit of makeup, has a very low-maintenance appearance, dresses in mainly earth tone colors and wears clothing that is very casual (even in more formal occasions).” This aesthetic has gained popularity through TikTok in the past few years but has always existed in other forms. People have been called “hippie,” “crunchy,” and “granola” for a very long time.

“Crunchy” has been seen as a bit of an insult in the past. The word has been used to describe people who don’t subscribe to modern medicine, engage in hippie counter-culture, and are “annoyingly intense about health and environmental issues,” according to Although the aesthetic is fairly unchanged, the granola girl trend focuses on the positive, down-to-earth, and free-spirited traits of this type rather than the political and naturalistic themes.

The staples of this aesthetic as far as clothing and accessories go are beanies, flannels, rings, and woven bracelets. For colors and fabrics, Urban Dictionary’s definition is very accurate in saying that earth tones are vital to this style. Corduroy, denim, linen, and fleece are popular fabrics within this aesthetic as well. Iconic brands are Birkenstock, Carhartt, and Patagonia. Essentially, if you don’t look just about ready to go on a hike in the nearby forest or to go on a scenic walk over to your neighborhood crystal store, you’re not doing it right.

Personality-wise, the granola girl is outdoorsy, down-to-earth, and an avid storyteller. She dresses freely and probably lives in the Pacific Northwest. She can be found carrying her camera into the woods where she takes pictures of the trees and wildlife. She loves camping, cooking health-conscious meals, and reading. Without a doubt, you will find her listening to Indie music on her record player: Fleetwood Mac, Vance Joy, and The Lumineers.

Granola girl influencers are popping up all over the place recently. Some of the most popular influencers on Instagram are @livvylandblog, @quingable, and @miss.rover. This aesthetic is also especially popular on Pinterest. There are thousands of boards on the app that are chock full of aesthetic photos of these iconic women clad in their staple fall colors. Overall, this aesthetic is woodsy, rustic, and seemingly good for the soul if these influencers’ posts are any indicator.


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