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Goals vs. Resolutions

By Stacey Laricchia

Monthly beauty tips provided by our resident expert, Stacey Laricchia, The Birthday Suit.

I have never been a big believer in resolutions. Far too often life happens and by week 2 you have snuck a left over cupcake or missed a workout or called the ex you swore off on NYE when he blew you off.

I have two minis who have schedules that when I look at my alarm at 4:30am I cry. Why can’t I have bookworm gamers who are comfortable on the couch. Nope, I have a hockey player and cheerleader. Needless to say, between work, wife-ing & my munchkins I have no life!

So, for 2019 my “Goal” is to find a few minutes each week for an hour of me time and to make sure I am not letting my daily routine slide because of my rushing around or pure exhaustion. We all know that feeling, sitting on the edge of the bed, so tempting to lay back, clothes and all and nod off to LaLa Land!!

So here are a 3 easy goals to help keep us all in glowing, healthy skin for 2019!

1.Washing your face with nightly to take off your makeup!

I know. This is the biggest struggle some days but your skin does approximately 90% of its healing during the hours of 10p - 4am so while you are resting your skin is working double time so it’s our responsibility to give as much team effort as we can!! I am a huge fan of Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse Balm. This balm literally melts away makeup & impurities on your skin.

Makes the process that much easier when the first step does so much of the work!

2. Serum Serum Serum!

You are never too young to start using a serum every day & night! If Serum is a new step in your skin care I suggest a super easy yet super effective serum that can be used both am & pm. Vitamin C!!! You can never go wrong with this skin superhero! Vitamin C boots your skin’s collagen production (which essentially plumps up your fine lines & wrinkles to give you a more youthful appearance) while fighting those pesky free radicals & giving you a gorgeous glow. We love Dr. Dennis Gross Vitamin C with an extra collagen kick for daily use.

3. Sunscreen

I know on a freezing cold winter day sunscreen is probably the last thing on your mind but it needs to be the first thing before you step out that door! UV rays do not take a break in winter so neither should your skin protection! Damage can begin within an hour of sun exposure. I have been a long time fan of Image Tinted moisturizer with SPF30. It has a gorgeous broad spectrum color and is incredibly hydrating without being heave or oily.

Skincare does not have to be crazy or scary. There are simple steps to gorgeous glowing skin. It takes only 27 days to create a habit in your routine so don’t get discouraged if you fall asleep with your makeup on. Simply make sure you give yourself a mini spa sesh the next day to make up for it.

Happy New Year!



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