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Flowers That Only Bloom in the Winter

By: Delanee Ensley

With the cold weather that comes with the fall and winter seasons, it can be difficult to let nature go with it. Though winter brings its own beauty with the blanket of fresh white, the colors of flowers can be difficult to forget. Luckily, there are still some flowers to see during even the coldest night of the year!

The Christmas Rose, like its namesake, blooms in the wintertime! These flowers, also called Helleborus niger, are known to bloom from November to February, and are native to mountains of southern and central Europe. Though these flowers aren’t found in America, there are certain strains that can be found in certain states in America. The colors of the blooms range from white to pink. But be careful; they can be poisonous to your animals.

Tis the season! Winterberry holly is a staple during the holiday season and a pop of color in the otherwise white atmosphere. Though these tend to bloom in the June and July months, they stay around for the cold weather season. These pretty plants can be found in the easter part of the US or southeast Canada. Remember not to prune winterberry until spring though, so you can keep it pretty all season long.

These lily-of-the-valley lookalikes are perfect for the fall or late winter weather! Though they do not like the harsh below zero temperatures, they thrive well in moderate climates. Though this particular strain only grows in Asia, there are many different strands out there. This is another plant that is poisonous to humans and animals, so be careful to keep your animals away from it!

These flowers tend to be very versatile in the winter months! They should be planted in late September or early October and can be found at your local greenhouse. The vibrant purple popping up through the snow at the end of a long winter is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. These flowers symbolize love and remembrance, perfect for the end of the holiday season!

Though the cold weather can get us done, these flowers will remind us of growth and the warm seasons to come. The white powder is gorgeous, but sometimes it is good to spice it up with a bit of color. Let the cold seasons have a little bit of flower power!


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