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Penélope Cruz Brings the Untold Story of Laura Ferrari to Life in 'Ferrari'

Penelope Cruz playing Laura Ferrari
Laura Ferrari was deeply affected by the loss of her and Enzo’s son, Dino. LORENZO SISTI

Buckle up, because the latest film 'Ferrari' isn't just about fast cars and racing glory. It's also shining a spotlight on Laura Ferrari, played by the ever-dynamic Penélope Cruz, and uncovering her pivotal role in the Ferrari legacy. Let's dive into this untold story of strength, loss, and resilience.

Adam Driver may be grabbing headlines as Enzo Ferrari, but it's Cruz's portrayal of Laura that's turning heads. The film takes us beyond the racetrack, revealing Laura not just as Enzo's wife, but as a formidable force in her own right.

Little is known about the real Laura Ferrari, a challenge that Cruz and director Michael Mann eagerly embraced. "We had to dig deeper," Cruz told Entertainment Weekly, driven by a desire to give voice to this enigmatic woman.

The narrative of Laura Ferrari has been overshadowed by her husband's legacy, often reduced to mere footnotes in his story. 'Ferrari' aims to change that, delving into her journey and inner turmoil. The film opens in a tumultuous period for Laura and Enzo, grappling with the loss of their only son and the strain of infidelity.

Cruz's performance brings to life Laura's multifaceted character – her fiery spirit, her maternal grief, and her struggles within the male-dominated world of auto business. "This woman was involved from day one," Cruz emphasizes, shedding light on Laura's significant yet unrecognized contributions to the Ferrari empire.

Born Laura Garello, she met Enzo in 1921 and they married in 1923. The couple's life was marked by personal tragedies, including the loss of their son Dino to Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This loss not only strained their marriage but also led Laura to take a more active, albeit controversial, role in the Ferrari company.

Laura Ferrari (far right) pictured at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in 1960. BERNARD CAHIER//GETTY IMAGES
Laura Ferrari (far right) pictured at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in 1960. BERNARD CAHIER//GETTY IMAGES

Despite challenges and conflicts, Laura's dedication to the company was undeniable. Director Mann uncovered that she even pawned a wedding gift to finance the first Ferrari car. Yet, her relationship with Enzo was complex, involving negotiations over company stock and tensions regarding Enzo's affair with Lina Lardi and their son Piero.

Laura Ferrari's story, interwoven with drama and determination, reflects the experiences of many women who played crucial roles in history but remained in the shadows. She passed away in 1978, with her impact on the Ferrari legacy finally coming to light in this captivating film. In 'Ferrari', Cruz brings Laura's story to the forefront, celebrating her as a woman ahead of her time, navigating personal and professional challenges with indomitable spirit.


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