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F/W ‘22: The Trends and Designers That Stood Out on the Runway

Updated: May 14, 2023

By: Khushi Popat

If you follow fashion, you know that Fashion Weeks just ended. Fashion Weeks are industry events where luxury fashion brands and designers come together to display their collection for the upcoming seasons and share on the runways of the world's biggest fashion stages. Annually, there are two major collections: Summer-Spring and Fall-Winter. They are presented in the four major fashion hubs of the world: New York, London, Paris, and Milan. The Fall-Winter 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week just took place and lit a fire in the fashion industry. Months and months of preparation led to some of the most eye-catching, head-turning, and memorable moments.

Here are some of the best looks from the Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear collections:

1. Athleisure


If there was any brand that understood the assignment regarding athleisure, it was Gucci. Alessandro Michele’s collaboration with Adidas allowed Gucci to try its hand at athleisure, and they succeeded. The brick-red tracksuit along with the yellow-tinted sunglasses and striped baseball cap screamed comfort and style together. The big black belt adds nostalgia from the ‘90s and the entire look feels chic, hippy, and stylish. Kudos to Gucci for nailing the athleisure trend and making fashion comfortable and cool.

Hope For Flowers

This beige co-ord with the matching trench coat is the quintessential definition of athleisure. The creamy, rich color makes the whole look more sophisticated, whereas the crop top and pants bring in the comfort element. This outfit is a step in the right direction to show that fashion can be comfortable. Kudos to the designer, Tracy Reese, for handling the complexity of athleisure and showcasing a collection that redefined fashion.


2. Capes


Nothing says powerful and fierce like a black cape, right? Valentino’s collection was unparalleled because of their choice of colors: fuschia and black. Each look from the collection was monotonous, and when asked by Vogue about the reason behind the decision, Pierpaolo Pucci said it was to remove any distractions and focus the viewers’ eyes on differentiating between silhouette and details. The all black jumpsuit with flared pants and a plunging neckline gives sexiness and drama. The use of black gloves and platform embodies strength, furosity, and boldness. This look is surely making a statement without saying anything!


A purple fur cape is not something we expected to see during Fashion Week, but here we are. Balmain presented a collection that was centered around peace and solidarity in times of war. In this look, the lavender fur cape and white dress with the gold zip detailing shows the amount of thought Balmain has put into it; the entire look screams luxury, regality, and confidence. The lavender also contributes to the feminine side of the look. The outfit is a complete package and ticks all the right boxes!


3. Knitted Sweaters

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta surprised us all when they launched a collection that was more casual than formal. While it wasn’t Bottega’s usual style, they outdid themselves in a new space. Under the direction of Matthieu Blazy, Bottega Veneta has made their mark in a different space. This look in particular is definitely one of my favorites because of the variety of elements it has. With the sandy brown knitted sweater, the purple vinyl leather skirt with fringes, and heels, it is the finest balance of casual and dressy. The dichotomy of the colors and fabrics used also makes the outfit an interesting piece and one of the best from the collection.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Frank Stella has brought out a different version of their rule-bending, unpredictable, and bold brand. While the collection was more structured, it still didn’t take away the spirit of the brand. Even though bodysuits have been the rage for a while now, knitted bodysuits are rare. This head-to-toe knitted lavender bodysuit is truly one-of-a-kind. It is the best way to stay warm while also making a fashion statement. The tote bag in a lighter shade is undoubtedly the missing piece of the puzzle and brings the whole outfit together.


4. Mini Skirt Suit Set


Versace’s collection was all about suits, but with a spin. The idea was to incorporate the trend of mini skirts with suits. Embodying a real life Barbie, Versace made the best use of a simple graphic T-shirt, and a bright pink blazer and skirt set. The colors, black and pink, make the outfit stand out; it feels rebellious and elegant at the same time. The accessories chosen for the look allow the outfit to be the center of attention and compliment the look silently.

Jil Sander

One word that can be used to describe Jil Sander’s collection is elegant. In an era where bold, crazy, and whacky designs are trending, Jil Sander has stuck to the qualities that make her brand unique: femininity, elegance, and grace. This cream double-breasted coat and mini skirt set represent dignity and power. The black shoes, socks, and bag provide the perfect contrast and make the whole look complete.


5. Oversized Suits

Christian Dior

This charcoal slightly-oversized suit is a fashion masterpiece. Despite being oversized, it has still managed to add structure to the model’s body and look tailored. The silver headpiece and necklace combination embody grace and sophistication. Altogether, this look stands out as it is formal yet comfortable.

Bottega Veneta

This camel brown oversized double-breasted suit may seem strange, but it works. Oversized suits are back in trend because they are comfortable yet still professional and stylish. Bottega Veneta has ensured that the simplicity of the suit doesn’t hinder the fashion element of the look. The accessorization of the oversized bag could be controversial if not done right, however, the designers have styled it such that it flows with the entire outfit. Our eyes are able to travel the outfit without any hindrance.


6. Futuristic Sunglasses


Courrèges seems to have nailed the futuristic theme with their collection this year. Each one of the looks were curated to appear as if we are living in 2050. One of the elements they focused on was their use of modern and avant-garde sunglasses. We don’t often see a couture brand focusing on eyewear, so it was very interesting to see Courrèges’s collection. The monochromatic black shirt dress and blazer look with knee-high boots uses nothing but sunglasses as an accessory and allows them to be the highlight of the look. The use of black as a monotonous color for the outfit was brilliant on the designer’s part because it makes the outfit classy and edgy!

Victoria Beckham

This look in Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2022 Collection is the perfect eye-catcher. The preppy orange coat and coral pink bodysuit balance each other perfectly. The moss green, futuristic sunglasses sharply define the model’s face and help to break the uniformity of the outfit. Overall, this is definitely something I hope to see more in streetwear. I hope it develops into a trend and we get to see people wear these kinds of outfits more often.

Thanks to the Fall-Winter 2022 Fashion Weeks, we saw looks that were beautiful, bold, feminine, fierce, and strong. We also witnessed a lot of trends; some new, some reinvented, and some a continuation of the previous seasons. Each trend was unique and so was the designer’s take on them, and that was very interesting to watch. The fashion weeks this time around were very different because of the political tension between Russia and Ukraine, but they proved that with resilience and grit, we can overcome anything. Many brands like Giorgio Armani, Balmain, and Stella McCartney altered their shows to support the Ukrainians. Not only did designers do their part in extending support, so did the models; Gigi and Bella Hadid, Mica Argañaraz, Kaia Gerber, Aylah Peterson, and Francesca Summer have pledged to donate their earnings to organizations that are helping Ukraine and Palestine. Fashion is bringing us together and we hope to see more people being a part of fashion for a cause!


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